Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Ride

We are a bike riding family. Well, except for the Graduate… not his thing… but the rest of us really enjoy it.
Sunday, being deemed as the Farmboy’s day (i.e. Father’s day), he proclaimed it a bike riding morning.
So three of us got up early and set off across town.

We made a pit stop at Starbucks. Seems one of us is not as friendly as they normally are, until they have a morning coffee….
Or so says a Farmboy. I can’t imagine who he could possibly be talking about though.
From there we headed over to the nearest park.

Not only did we have our coffee to enjoy, but there were also laughing ducks to listen to,

views of the three ponds to capture,

fish to contemplate,

and Cottonwood faeries to watch dance across the sky.
Most definitely a good morning.

How did you spend your special guy’s day?


the wild raspberry said...

i adore your bike basket!!!
did you make it or buy it?
i gotta have one for my pink bike too!


Alisa, I love this refreshing post and your photos! What a fun day, and you are a good sport. It's really hot around here! ~ Angela

Julie said...

Love the pink bike!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a lovely weekend and i love your photos!

the wild raspberry said...

Hubby went on his own bike ride...45 miles...I wisely chose to stay in bed 'til closer to Bible class time. Then we met at church. Had lunch with the whole family at Culver's...yummy! Then had a picnic at the park Sunday evening. It was a really nice day. Glad yours was so lovely as well. Warmly, Debbie

Stink Bone Jones said...

Looks like a lovely lovely day that you and your farm boy had. Is that your pink bike? Love it!

I brought my hubby homemade pancakes in bed made by my father. He has a secret recipe. My hubby is a new daddy again, we just welcomed a 2nd son named Colin.

Privet and Holly said...

My hubby and I also love to cycle together! While I've been out of town with our daugher, he and our son bought a tandem bike!!! So, when we get home, that is in my future. We like to get up really early and bike six miles into town, enjoy a coffee, and then make the trip back home. It is such a cool and fresh ride...quiet, too....and we also live near a big lake, so the views can be really lovely. Fun stuff!
xx Suzanne

Caleen said...

OH.. I love your bike! What lovely pictures and a great Fther's Day. We went to church then had a barbeque. My kids suprised their Dad with thoughtful special gifts.. :) I got my package.. Just love everything.. I will take a picture and put on my blog of my wonderful winnings.. Thank you again.. :)

Lori said...

i love your bike Alisa...hubby and i both had to work...kind of put a damper on the festivities...

Maija said...

Looks like it was the perfect day!!

Sandy Michelle said...

What a cute pink bike! My family knows to stay away from me in the morning- until I have had my! My kids brought Dad breakfast in bed and gave them some hand-made gifts for Father's day.Have a great week!

Sandy xox

Katsui Jewelry said...

So beautiful. Isn't that Texas? I have never been to Texas but that is not what I thought it would look like!