Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Flowers ~ No. 4

Have a beautiful weekend!


Lori said...

what a gorgeous picture have a wonderful weekend too:)

LissyLou said...

beautiful pic...hope your weekend is just as beautiful too x

Elly said...

Thanks for this beautiful picture! Too late to wish you a happy weekend, so I wanna wish you a happy week!

Diane said...

Alisa, Re: mother-of-pearl buttons.
I feel the same way! I want to USE them, but they're so hard to find and I don't want to run out either!
I also need to find another stash of lace soon. I'm running out of certain kinds that I use a lot.

Well, isn't the HUNT half the fun!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Diane :-)

Holly Knott said...

Your photos are GORGEOUS. Thanks for visiting my blog (Extreme Spring Cleaning thanks to our heater malfunction spewing soot all over). I am really enjoying looking at your photos!