Monday, July 20, 2009


We've been gone for a little over a week, but we are back home now. We took a trip up to Santa Fe and then to Durango, Colorado. It was a lot of fun!

I hadn't been to either town, which was good... I love exploring new places.

Santa Fe was more of just a stop over. We were there for only one night, but we showed up on just the right weekend. It was the last day for the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. The boys humored me (E, a little more reluctantly than the Pirate or the Farmboy) and we spent half of the day there, before moving on to Colorado.

Here are a few photos of the Market. Everything was so colorful and festive. Each booth represented a different country. And the work of all of these people were simply amazing!

And this was what I purchased... love it! We met the artist, Claudio Jimenez Qiospe. He is from the Republic of Peru. Amazing work!

Santa Fe is where I stopped taking photos. I LOVED it there! I loved everything about it... the desert, the adobe and stucco, the people. I would fit in perfectly there. Unfortunately, the Farmboy and I don't see eye to eye on Santa Fe. He is from Colorado originally and the mountains are what he loves. Retirement time may be an issue for us.... we'll see. ;)

Please bear with me, I am SO far behind on reading everyone's blogs and you three ladies, whom I owe a little handmade something too, they are going in the mail this week... I promise!

Have a beautiful Monday!


Sarah said...

how fun!
Vintage Lily

Tina said...

I love Santa Fe too!! Glad ya'll had a good trip!!

Caleen said...

I love your wall. I love the color too. In my old house one big wall was painted that color.. Everything really pops! Looks like a great place to visit. Lots of beautiful things. Lots of great colors. I am sure you are inspired! Have a great week!

Lori said...

it looks like you had a wonderful trip Alisa!!!

TinyBear said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great trip. Great buys too.
Love the banner on your wall.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Oh...the market looks fabulous! All that color & the fabrics are wonderful. Glad you had a great trip & welcome home!

Little Mama said...

It looks beautiful there!! Love your little purchase!

Jeanne said...

Wow Alisa, looks like you had a great vacation too. That Folk Art Market, with all it's bright colors, looks like it was such fun.


Margaret said...

Lovely post Alisa, so many fab photos capturing the colour and spirit!

Anonymous said...

Alisa, I LOVE your shadow box! Love the pointed, pulled-back paper! And oh my....the COLORS in Santa Fe! Wow! Let me guess...Colorado's colors are a bit more subdued? Where was your camera, girlfriend? ;-)


Allie said...

Hi Alisa~
I haven't been in Santa Fe since I was a teenager. Don't you just LOVE all of the COLOR!!!?! And doesn't it always feel good to get back home after a wonderful trip? Welcome home. :D

Anonymous said...

Just found your site from "Where Women Cretae" WOW love all the pictures and crafts. I am a paper addict as well. So nice to find new sites. Best of luck - you are very talented!