Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Marie

So you know how I said I had been lost in the 18th century? Well, I'm back and have some pretties to show for it!

Due to a special enabler that I know *wink, wink*, whom I can't wait to see again at Silver Bella, I joined Maria Rodarte's "Marie Antoinette Collage Swap". I was SO lucky to be paired up with one of the sweetest artists I have had the pleasure of meeting... Gina Grable.

My Marie arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I can't wait to share her with you.
(please excuse the less than great photos. I got excited last night and started taking pictures even though it was already dark, and stormy, and I don't have time to retake them now.)

So without further ado, may I present the Queen of France, in all of her glory!

I told Gina to do whatever her heart and hands wanted to do with the canvas and I think it is fabulous!!!!

She included a "road map" of my canvas for me. It is so cool to know about all the little details, such as, the letter is an original copy of a 19th century French birth certificate. And, hold on to your feathers ladies, it says "Marie Antoinette" smack dab in the middle of it!!!! I know, too freakin' cool! Even if it isn't the Queen named, a girl can pretend!

Gina went on to tell me that the image was created by Hope Wallace and where she acquired this little pretty and that little lovely.

Gina, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I will share what I sent to Gina in my next post.

And before I go, I just have to brag for a sec. My Farmboy has taken up photography for a hobby. He's been doing it for, well, maybe a year. But he's been getting a little more passionate about it recently. Last weekend he went on three photo shoots with a group he's a part of. You have to check his photos out... they are really great! He has a Flickr site here.

I gotta scat now, so have a beautiful Thursday!


the wild raspberry said...

great stuff....really great!

Lori said...

ooh, that Marie canvas is wonderful!!! what a pretty little thing Gina created just for you:) LOVE it!!!

Becky said...

Lovely lovely!

Julie said...

Wow! That's just beautiful.

Diane said...

Alisa, that is definitely a glittery, glitzy, beautiful work of art!

tina said...

Wow! Gorgeous! I saw a magazine at Barnes & Noble all about Marie. I loved it, but not the $15 price tag ;) She certainly inspires.

Elly said...

Just one word to describe your beautiful swap: GORGEOUS!!!!!!
You're a lucky girl to receive such a beautiful piece of art with so many lovely details.
Really lovely!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Your Marie A. canvas is just so pretty!! Have you seen the new magazine out devoted entirely to Marie? I have heard it is just wonderful, I have one ordered but it has not arrived yet. I have to comment on the previous post of your grandmother's roses, the photos were just stunning!! I could almost smell the sweet floral scents!! take care, Debby

Charlene said...

Merci for sharing! What a lucky girl you are! Love the birth certificate. And I did check out the photos & they were all great. My fav was the Barn Owl & Twig. Have a great weekend & try to stay dry.

Viv (VivLyn) said...

How beautiful, Alisa! It is gorgeous!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Alisa, it's beautiful!! And way to go Farmboy ;)

Mary Wadsworth said...

Wow, the canvas is lovely!
My hubby just took up photography too,
he is having fun with it.

Have a great day,

Sandy Michelle said...

Gina did a great job :)

Sandy xox