Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grandma's Roses

I think it was last weekend, (not quite sure, as I've been lost in the 18th century for the last two weeks) I took a little walk around my garden. And I was so excited to see sweet little buds on my grandma's rose bush.

When my parents decided to move to their paradise island, my dad dug up one of the rose bushes in his garden. This rose has been planted three times now. My dad planted it in my grandmother's garden in Illinois. Years later, my grandmother passed away. The rose remained in her garden for a few more years. When my grandfather passed away, my dad dug it up and brought it to Texas to bloom in his garden. So of course, it only seemed right that when they sold the house, the rose should come to me. It didn't bloom last year and I was worried that it wouldn't make another transition, but it has. And it truly makes my heart happy.... at the moment it is covered in beautiful blooms.

Here are a few other pretties I found, while walking the garden.

This rose bush has exploded!

Coral Honeysuckle and Indian Hawthorn.

The Columbine is about to bloom.

This was a shocker to see... strawberries. I planted these in a pot last year and didn't get to pick a single berry off of it, because of either the squirrels or rabbits. Of course, it could have been E... never could keep him out of the strawberry patch when he was little! Anyway, I really didn't think it had survived the winter.

So about that 18th century thing... I'm hoping to post about it in the next few days. So excited!


Viv (VivLyn) said...

What pretty pictures!!

Wanda said...

I may be an enabler, but you are a tease! :) I love the story of your Grandmother's rose bush. Your yard is should get a big shot, so we can the whole thing. Can't wait to hear what you've been cooking up.

Elly said...

Your garden lloks like a little paradise! Your roses are sóóó beautiful! Would you please send some sunshine to us????

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Your grandma's roses are beautiful. I soooo need to do something with my backyard. :) xoxo, Joanna

Kathy said...

All I can say is WOW, very beautiful and I am very jealous! No green thumbs here.

Diane said...

Pretty, Alisa!

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Isn´t it nice when plants remind you of loved ones. We have a white rose, that we have moved with us twice. It was the last rose my mother-in-law bought before she died unexpectedly. We found it still in its pot in her garden and planted it in our garden. It didn't suffer when we dug it up a few years later to plant it again in our new garden. Good roses are tough.
Your garden looks beatiful, so many gorgeous flowers.
Enjoy them and have a great week.

Charlene said...

Glad the rose made another transition. It is so neat to have something that has been in the family a long time like that. I enjoyed your garden tour. Must have been the week for this. :) I did the same. I am so glad you got the Silver Bella classes you wanted. Once again, I do not get to go this year. I am bummed but, it's OK. I'll do another class in Claifornia or Art Nest or something. But, I want to go next year with you guys. Have a good week.

the wild raspberry said...

i loved the walk through the garden...everything is looking sooo pretty!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

That is such a beautiful little story, as is the roses Alisa! OH what I wouldn't do for one of my grandmother's rose bushes! ;)
Hope all is well, sweet!

Julie said...

Ah, spring!! Lovely photos.

Anne Marie said...

Wonderful! I love the poetic sound of the next post....and how very blessed you are to have so many roses!
I went back to look at an old post, and saw your old comment :)
and had to stop by and see how you were-
glad to see you are well and happy

zoe said...

Oh Alisa it was so beautiful of the blooms and pictures are so gorgeous taken by you! What a beautiful garden and i really wish i can play and picnic at this little pretty garden:)