Monday, March 23, 2009

The Catch-Up Post

Last week was Spring Break for us, and while I had no planned intention of disappearing for the week, well obviously, it happened. So, now I'm going to play catch-up and try to shove everything into this one post.

Normally on Spring Break we do some sort of family thing... camping, road trip somewhere, or maybe activities around the Dallas area. Not this year. This year was completely different.

E flew to Hawaii for most of the week with the school band and orchestra. Let me tell you, I went to the same high school as this kid, but I don't recall trips like this ever happening. I think maybe my Freshman year the French Club took a trip to France in the summer. Well, I was in the French Club my Sophomore through Senior years and as far as I know there wasn't a trip planned during that time. Oh well, I can't really complain, I've been to some pretty fabulous places since high school.

So anyway, of course I do not have one single photo of the boy in Hawaii. It seems to be my experience, that getting a teenage boy to take a camera with him on a trip he is making with his peers, is next to impossible. I'm hoping that maybe someone else who went, will be post photos somewhere and he will be in at least one of them.

While E was lying on a warm Hawaiian beach, the Farmboy took the other two skiing in the snowy Colorado mountains. The Farmboy loves to ski. He grew up in Colorado and any chance he can get to go up there and ski, he jumps at. However, this was a first for both Pretty Lady and Capin' Davy Cannonswine.

So the plan was, while Capin' Davy Cannonswine was in snowboarding school, which he was beside himself excited about, the Farmboy would take Pretty Lady up the mountain and teach her how to ski. She did really well and enjoyed it, despite being so sore afterwards.

Here's Capin' Davy Cannonswine, pre-broken arm. Yep, you read that right. Let me give you a little background on this kid. By the time he was 5, I believe, he had stitches put in his chin at least 3 times. Anytime we go anywhere that has a body of water, whether it be an ocean or a very small stream, the Capin' will accidentally fall in. Gravity is not this kids friend.

Day one was snowboarding class. At the end of the day, the instructor informed the Farmboy, that the Capin' likes to go fast and falls a lot. He also said he didn't think the boy was ready to go down the mountain yet. So, day two was snowboarding class again. He did much better on this day. Day three, their last day of skiing, the Capin' was released from class, but it was decided that he would continue on the slope he had been on the previous days. This slope, "The Magic Carpet", is watched over by instructors and other such people. After watching the Capin' for awhile, the Farmboy walked down to grab his camera. Before he made it back to where the Capin' was, the child had fallen and fallen just right on his arm. So after a trip to the hospital and an x-ray, he was put in a splint, which really isn't much different than a cast, for a stress fracture just above his wrist. At least he waited until the last day.

While all of these exciting events were taking place, I was at home. My plan was to take advantage of everyone being gone and get some serious crafting and organizing done. But, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." and I hardly got anything done.

However, these things did happen over the course of the week...

I was awarded.

Thank you so much Tina and Tracy! I really hate having to pick only a certain number of people to award. There are so many wonderful people with wonderful blogs out here, that I'm awarding everyone!

LolliShops got a facelift this past week. It looks really great and so many fabulous shops will get noticed now, with the new handpicked items mosaic. Go check it out!

And, I was tagged by Viv. I'm to share the 6th photo in the 6th folder of my pictures.

This was Mother's Day 2007. E and the Farmboy had just surprised me with new patio loungers. It's a good thing E has zero interest in his mother's blog, because if he saw that I had posted this photo of him, well, let just say, he probably wouldn't be too pleased. HeeHee!

I think I'm going to stop here. I do have a couple of items I found at an antique shop to share, but I haven't photographed them yet, so next time.

Now, I need to tackle the mountain of laundry everyone brought home. Have a beautiful Monday!


the wild raspberry said...

sounds like everyone had a great time...up until the broken arm!
i would have chose hawaii as well. i'm sure i would break something also if i went to the slopes.
good to have you back in blogland.

The Pink Bird House said...

WOW, when you aren't around to post on your blog, you have some really good reasons why!! I am pea green with envy over here, HAWAII. It is a dream of mine to go there!! Ah well, someday! You did a good job of getting all the latest things in your life packed into one great post. Welcome back.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Ouch, that poor kid! I tried snowboarding for a while and blew out my knee,I had to wear a cast from my hip to ankle for six weeks!
I threw out the board and went back to skis.

I hope your son is well soon.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along! Nice to see you back with us!

Tiedupmemories said...

Hi Alisa!
Love this post ! It's all in one!It must be the year all the high schools go to Hawaii! Our High school band is going in a week.Sorry to hear about your son's accident.What a bummer!But hopefully it will be off before it's time for swimming!The summer is horrible with a cast.

Charlene said...

That sounds like a crazy week! I can just imagine the laundry. Good thing they have the laundry fairy (that's my "honey's" expression for the magic of throwing nasty stuff in a hamper to find it magiclly appearing up clean & folded in your drawer)to rescue them. Have a great week.

natalea said...

ah! Home alone!! you lucky girl! I have to leave alone to get some time to myself- i can never just stay alone in my house! who cares if you didn't get anything accomplished!
hope your son's arm is feeling better! xo n

Wanda said...

Man...what an exciting life you all have. You know...that MA Collage Swap is perfect for you. Think you can take the little squares around and work on them one at a time. You know you love MA. You did such a great job on my box. Think what you could do with this swap. I'm just saying. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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