Monday, December 8, 2008

Silver Bella Goodies

Today I have Silver Bella goodies to share.

First off is the contents of the black and white striped goodie bags we received the first night.

There were all kinds of great bits in here from all kinds of great sponsors and shops. Such lucky Bella's we were!

I only participated in two swaps, because I had way too much going on just before November. (next year I'm going to plan my time differently!) The swaps were seriously AMAZING!!!

This one was the Junkin' Journal Swap. Each participant was to gather papers or such that could be used as journal pages and then pop in a couple of embellishments, as well.

The loot I received in this swap makes my head spin! I love journals and making journals and I love supplies. This swap was heaven for me!

Here is the 12 Days of a Vintage, Glittery Christmas Book Swap. (I don't think I actually have the name right, but that is the gist of it.)

We were each given a verse from the "12 Days of Christmas" song and were asked to create a book page for it. The art work in this swap is amazing! I opted not to have mine bound and at this point, I'm still unsure as to whether or not I'm going to bind it all together myself or display each day separately. (I'm in the middle of decorating for Christmas, so I should probably decide pretty quick!)

And here are some sweet little gifts I received from other Bellas.

The pretty crown ornament is from Tiffany. The yummy candy bar, which I'll probably bust into today, is from Kim. The cute Audry charm is from Jessi. The great "Queen" charm is from my roomie Joanna. I am SO impressed with Joanna's soldering. Seriously, she only started soldering a few months ago and if I didn't know that, I definitely wouldn't guess it! She is a natural at it! The darling little vintage ornaments are from Joanna too. She's is really too sweet! On Vendor Night we were at Wanda's booth, you can find more of her fabulousness here, and we saw these two little darlings and Joanna bought them for me. They so take me back to my childhood!

So there are my goodies. I'll post all of my Omaha buys next time.

On another note, I have add a couple more items to my LolliShop. If you love Gingerbread, check it out!

Hope you are having a beautiful Monday!

P.S. Eeek, I almost forgot! Today is LolliShops Gingerbread House Contest! Head over to the LolliShops Blog to vote. They are ALL FANTASTIC!!!


Anonymous said...

I love journals as well. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Elly said...

Owww.... what an eyecandy post!!! The swap is gorgeous, just like all the sweet gifts you recieved! I'm in love with the little deer!
The journals are looking fab too, omg what a lovely time you had!

sherry smyth said...

This all looks amazing Alisa...I'm glad you are still feeling the wonderful effects of Silver I'm off to click on all your links!

cindy said...

Love the little packets. You got some really great things.


Polka Dot Moon said...

Wow! What lovely goodies! I'm making a journal for my sister for Christmas - love making them and receiving them.
Thanks for sharing!

(I LOVE your Gingerbread Cards!!!)

Anonymous said...

Alisa, Oh my! I can imagine how you're dying to get your hands on all of those goodies and create with them!



Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

Awesome stuff! I must get myself to Silver Bella!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

You girls seem to have had so much fun! And what goodie loot you have to show for it!

Stink Bone Jones said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Love the Silver Bella goodies. I haven't even had time to get around to all the blogs to see all the goodies.