Friday, September 26, 2008

Eye Candy

That is what I have to share today.

Remember the "I Want Candy" collaborative book swap hosted by Natalea? My wonderful mailman delivered my book yesterday! Love that man. :)

Seriously, is that image on the cover not absolutely darling?! So sweet.

"Have a Lolli Sweets!"

This first page is by Karla Natale of Sugar Bear Designs. Lip smackin' good!

"Candy Bingo"

This cute one is by Heidi Woodruff of Everyday Cookies at Sweet Woodruff Acres. On the back she included a recipe for Peppermint Creams. Delish... can't wait to try that one.

"I Scream, You Scream..."

This one, dripping with great texture and sparkle, is by Natalie Hansen of Life is a Collage.

"Queen of Sweets"

This one, by Jenny Fowler of Fated Follies Studio, is sprinkled with goodness. Literally... she put sprinkles on the ice cream cone on the back!


This yummy candy house is by Maija Lepore of Maigirlz Madness.

This one is by Heidi Nutzman of *Liquorish*. Makes me think of bags of Halloween candy... yum.

"Sugar Candy Rainbows"

This one is mine. The poem is by Heather Moreton.

"Le Bonbon"

This royal one is by Tammy Lucik of The Other Side of Me. It's inspired by Marie Antoinette, The Movie. (One of my favorite movies... talk about eye candy!)


This lovely is by Maria Rodarte of The Junk Drawer. Pretty, isn't it?

"Sweet Treats"

This is by Cindy Gilstrap of JunqueArt. Quite the sweet treat it is too.

"It is a Sweet Life"

Here is Ann Marie's of Sweet Girl & Company. Fun candy colors!


And last, but certainly not least, our wonderful hostess... Natalea Kandefer of Kandeland. Darling!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I need to go get a sugar fix now! Have a beautiful weekend.


Sherry said...

My teeth hurt!!! ;) This book is awesome and you all did such a wonderful job -- Natalea's swap turned out to be a huge success (as if there was any doubt!!). Now of course I'm feeling like I could do with some candy!!!

Heidi ( said...

I just received my book today, too! It's so sweet! I love the page you made, sweet poem and a darling little girl....lovin' the pink pom-pom trim, too! Thank you for such a darling page!
*Heidi* Everyday Cookies

Brandy said...

That book is just sooo cute! I LOVE the colors.


windlewood said...

Ohhh my! Did you pass this book around and had several artists?
WONDERFUL colors!!!
What a fun idea!

Stink Bone Jones said...

Seriously, that book is FABULOUS! I especially love the one you did and the ice cream one! I cannot wait to go and check out each girls' blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog again because it reminds me to come back to yours. I love your blog!

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, that book is adorable.

Pieceful Bits said...

Alisa..the book is super sweet! Everyone did a fabulous job. The ice cream cones are my fav (~~)

Allie said...

How fun! I LOVE the cupcake AND the ice cream cones. What a great idea and what a tasty treasure of sweet creativity. You are always doing such fun things!

Caleen said...

What a great book. So sweet and fun and great eye candy.. What a great collaborative effort.. Great artists involved too... Thanks for always stopping by my blog. I will keep coming back. Thanks :)

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

What a "sweet" book. That definitely gives me a couple of ideas. Thanks for sharing. xoxo, Joanna

Elly said...

This little candy-album is gorgeous!!! I'll keep it in mind, I like to try something like that too. It's really eyecandy!

Sandy Michelle said...

Awww, the book came out so sweet..literally..LOL!


emily said...

What a wonderful job you all did!! What yummy colors and images!

Anonymous said...

What is it with you and the mailman???

- Farmboy