Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where did the time go?

Yesterday my sweet, little baby boy turned 16. They say it goes fast and they are right. One minute your heart belongs to a little, grubby, curly headed, Tasmanian devil that requires band-aids every few minutes when he plows into the sidewalk and a lullaby sung to him every night so he can sleep.

You smile at him, blink and then the next thing you know your heart belongs to a man, taller than yourself, who no longer cries when he plows into something and certainly doesn't require band-aids and lullabies. It seems all he needs from you are the car keys and for you to realize that you now have to share his time with another girl.

I love this kid with my entire being and I am so proud of him. Of who he has and is becoming, as well as all that he has accomplished in his 16 years. Happy birthday E... I love you!

Alright, you are probably done listening to the sappy stuff. Now on to the creative stuff.

I picked up this book yesterday at B&N.

I started reading it early this morning and so far I am happy with this purchase.

I finished my first entry for my Write Time, Write Place art journal.

The technique for this one was all about blending with colored pencils. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. I read a blog post recently where the author commented on how satisfying sitting down and just coloring was, like when she was a little girl. (I'm sorry, I can't remember where I read that.) Holy Toledo, was she right! I got completely lost in it and really didn't want to stop.

I will be listing this "Love" canvas in the shoppe later today.

I'm off to start the day... and maybe whine just a little bit more about my baby. Have a beautiful day!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Happy birthday to the 16 year old -- my youngest "did that to me" in January -- where does the time go??

Love the collage and the book you bought, plus your journal page (it might have been me that you were referring to -- I was colouring with my water colour pencils on my Alice in Wonderland stamps last week and talking about how wonderful it felt to just do that) -- colouring as we did when children is relaxing and soothing, not to mention a whole heap of fun!!!

Lori said...

i KNOW about the time going so first little curly haired angel is 15 1/2...and he TOWERS over me...i think he might even be taller than his dad...eeeeeeeeek...he has no interest in driving OR girls yet...thank you very much...i want that book your journal page...i remember that post about coloring, i can't remember who is was either...

Allie said...

Isn't it amazing how the "wee ones" grow up so fast! My one and only just turned 17 two weeks ago. Can't believe she's now a senior in High School......people always told me when she was little that time would just fly and she'd be grown up before I knew it and I didn't believe them. Love your journal page, too. Where do you draw inspiration for your journal pages? Sometimes I feel creative but blocked at what to do....too many ideas running through my head!

Natasha Burns said...

Happy birthday E! What a beautiful post, you have written with such love that only a mother can know, I really enjoyed reading it

Joanna said...

your love canvas is wonderful! xoxo, Joanna