Friday, June 13, 2008

A Few Lovelies

Just a quick post today to show you a few pretties.

My mother-in-law brought this box over to me earlier this week. When I opened it, I found a stack of lovely, old hankies.

They belonged to her mother. I love them! We sat and went through them all and she told me stories that she remembered about them.

I so wish I had known her. Farmboy adored her and he is always saying how well we would have gotten on together.

On the creative front, I have been a busy bee with multiple projects going on. Here is a journal and a couple of tags I made to send to the sweet lady who gave me my 100th heart on my Etsy shoppe.

Thank you so much Granny's Stuff!

And this was a nice surprise.

I received a phone call yesterday afternoon which turned stressful. My own fault... it shouldn't have because in reality it really wasn't something to stress over. Anyway, I called my stress reliever, farmboy, but he was on a conference call so couldn't help at that moment. While I was waiting for him to call me, I pulled down this silver dish from a cupboard without really thinking about it and started pulling out all of the creamy buttons from my button box that was sitting in front of me. I wasn't thinking at all about what I was doing as I did it. Two things were discovered in the process however. One sorting buttons is SO calming!!! And two, I had no idea that I had that many creamy buttons! They are so pretty, I'm going to leave them in the dish, which is deeper than this picture looks, and put them on the buffet in the dining room!

I have a list of things to do today longer than my arm, so I'm off to it. Have a beautiful weekend and a Happy Father's Day to all of the daddies in your lives!


Joanna said...

cute idea! I love the buttons & shells. funny about your "stressing"... I just put a posted about a major stress that happened last night. have a nice weekend! xoxo, Joanna

Lori said...

Alisa, what a wonderful and lovely collection of hankies!!! love the goodies you made for your 100th etsy hearter, they are so pretty:) and the buttons look SO pretty in that dish!!!

Pieceful Bits said...

Button sorting is calming...I just love to gather them in my hands and let them spill out. Beautiful creamy buttons:)

Sherry/Cherie said...

What a treasure trove of hankies -- especially being handed down with your own personal family history!!

And I'm sorry you stressed out (we all do it, even when we promise ourselves we'll not ever stress again!), but what a delightway way to relieve stress...running your hands through anything, but particularly buttons is a very soothing activity. And don't those buttons look perfect in that dish?!?

heidi said...

lucky you to inherit those old hankies, they're fab! and a girl can't have too many cream buttons, i always say1 thanks for sharing! xo heidi