Thursday, May 1, 2008

Toy Party!

Scrappy Jessi is hosting a "Favorite Childhood Toys Party" where we can all take a walk down memory lane.

When I first started searching for pictures for this party I knew I didn't have very many myself, then I realized I couldn't get to the boxes of pictures my mom has because they are all somewhere in the storage building. Just one more reason my parents shouldn't have moved to the Caribbean! Just kidding Mom :) So here is what I have. It only spans the really early years.

What little girl doesn't pine away for a pony?! Well, this is my pony... my plastic pony... with wheels. I don't remember it, but there are quite a few pictures of us together so I must have loved her dearly.

Another fake animal on wheels. It looks like my grandma actually had more fun with this one than I did. Do you see Raggedy Ann in the background there? I don't remember her either, but I do remember another one I had. She was a big plastic "piggy bank". She was sitting down on something and had a slot in the top of her head. I used to try to sit in her lap and what I remember the most about her was her smell... literally a sweet smell to her.

Graduated rings. They still make these, don't they?

And when those pricey toys just won't do the trick, there is always old school clothespins and Tupperware.

Tape recorders are ALWAYS EXCITING toys!

Of course all little girls have to have baby dolls. I wasn't lacking in the baby doll area, either. The one I remember the most was the one that ate and peed. It was the coolest thing. Did any one else ever do this... as soon as I got a new doll, I would undress it just so I could dress it myself. Never failed it was always the first thing I did.

What I don't have pictures of are my all time favorites and the one I hated. Some of you may already know this, but I had a sock monkey. Oh my goodness! It scared me to death! To this day I don't like sock monkeys. My favorites however were my Mr. Potato Head and my Barbies. I had a barbie house. Not THE barbie house mind you, but a barbie house I used to like to call her "country home". I would spend hours and hours decorating that house down to the littlest detail, such as making toilet paper rolls for the bathroom. How I never became an interior designer when I grew up beats me!

I should probably add a picture of my little brother. He was a toy to me. I had a gazillion dress up clothes and I would go to town making him the most gorgeous diva in the world! Hmmm, I didn't grow up to be a fashion designer either.

So the toy that got away that I would kill for today, was actually more of a showcase doll than a play doll. However, I play with her all the time. I think my aunt brought her back from France for me. She was a Marie Antoinette-like doll. The big, white, fluffy hair, over-the-top velvet dress with lace and bows. Gorgeous! How I loved her... how I wish I still had her!!

So there you go. Thanks for strolling with me. Go check out everyone else's childhood toys. I'm going to... should be lots of fun!


Scrappy Jessi said...

look at you. you were a gorgeous little girl.
i love all the pics you have. so so cute.
thanks for coming to my party.

Rosa said...

Your pictures as a little girl are awesome. Love the one with your grandma and the pull toy!

Lori said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures, you were such a sweetie! Lori

Stephanie said...

You were such an adorable little girl! Thanks so much for sharing your toys & memories!

Please stop by & visit my toys when you get a chance ~ I have so many I did TWO posts!

BTW, I'm a packrat from N TX!!!

Angelic Accents

bluemuf said...

Great pictures, you were such a cutie. I enjoyed sharing your trip down memory lane.


Beth Leintz said...

I'm just tickled to see how many little girls loved their play ponies- maybe because I didn't have one. Love the pictures of you and your pig tails!

Lori said...

Alisa, your pictures are darling, what a cutie you are:) we had some of the same toys, i had the graduated ring thingie and the dog on wheels!!!

Julie - Pink Paris Match said...

Aaaah Alisa! How I adored Barbies! And I do have to say....I used my brother as a toy too! I think I may have to post that one just for the sake of posterity! HA!

Julie Bergmann

mendytexas said...

That little pull doggie was such a hit at my house too! I love all of your photos! :)mendy

Mya said...

Your photos are precious. I had the pony and the little pull toy too.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love your pig tails! What a cute little girl you were!

Sherry said...

Your Grandma looks like you are the absolute joy of her life! I love your pigtails too! So cute!

Adla said...

OOoO what lovely pics to reminisce on. I too had a raggedy ann doll that seemed inseparable from me then. Loved reading your blog.

Cheers, Adla

Anonymous said...

You were pretty cute then... but what a fox you've turned out to be.

Hubba hubba!!!!

Luv u!
- Farmboy.

fated follies studio said...

i hardly noticed the toys you were such a cute baby and pretty little girl. so cute! i love those pics you posted.


Sherry/Cherie said...

Alisa, what a sweetie you were -- loved those pony tails!!! Looking back at that era..the furnishings, the hair, the clothing -- and it seems like only yesterday.

Mr. Potato Head!!! Yes, I'd forgotten about that -- even though my boys had one too (& the stackable rings)...some of the best toys are the ones we made up ourselves - like clothes pins and tupperware!

A sock monkey? Oh geez I'd have hated that too!!!

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing your memories! The cream colored sofa in one picture reminds me of one my grandmother was exactly the same, only mustard yellow! lol said...

There is nothing like tupperware for kids! My grandbaby loves that stuff more than anything.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh what a happy little girl you were! Those pictures are priceless! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I've enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you!

Whitney Johnson said...

Alisa, you were so cute! Those pics were really fun to see. Sounds like you had a great little trip to Austin, too. And you're still cute, by the way! :)
Having fun being busy....Whitney

Debbie said...

What precious memories and pictures to boot! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for commenting on my bear.