Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vintage Party Goodness

I received my swap box from Whitney yesterday for Artsy Mama's Vintage Party Swap, so it's all show and tell for today! (and it's gonna be a long one!)

Holy Toledo Batman!!! Whitney filled this box to the brim! We were asked to give two party themes we would be interested in having. My two themes were a Spring Party or a Tea Party. Well, Whitney took both of those and ran with them! She provided me with a "Spring Tea for Six". When I first opened the box, the aroma that wafted out of it was divine. I didn't figure out what it was until the last package was opened.

Okay, so this first picture is of everything taken out of the tissues paper it was all beautifully wrapped in.

look at all of that goodness!

Here is the "spring" banner she made.

Seriously, how pretty is that?! And I love butterflies just about as much as I love birdies!

Here is the first group of items all unwrapped. Yes, there was so much here, I had to break it down into groups to photograph!

She sent me a cute, ivy covered, petite, two tiered plate stand and the most wonderful gold goodie trays. Then she made these awesome fans out of vintage sheet music (love these so much) and these beautiful chair charms to hang from the backs of the chairs (how brilliant are those?!) and the sweetest teabag pouches with lemon and mint tea included!!!!

This photo includes this great vintage gold frame to put the menu in. (I've already decided that after the party, I'm going to put a group picture of all of the guests in the frame to display) And she made these cool punch rolls that have little favors inside. (you know I'm dying to punch one of those puppies open to see what's inside!) She also added some "chocolate and tea tasting squares. (is your mouth watering? mine is) And then in this vintage box (in one of my favorite colors) are gorgeous flower broaches and (this is where that divine aroma was coming from) little sachets with pretty vintage chandelier crystals attached to them!

This last group has a box of Jasmine Tea (ooooo!) and gold, foil cake papers with "spring tea" banner picks! She also included a vintage teacup (unfortunatly the saucer didn't make it in one piece), but in the cup was a load of "tea talk" questions! (that is going to be so fun to play!) And I'm pretty sure she made these... that gorgeous teapot cozy and the napkins. (OMG! This woman is talented!) She also included the lovely table runner everything is sitting on and extra flowers. Now hold on, there's more. What I didn't photograph was the folder FULL of supplies to make invitations with!

Really, how great a box is that?! This was Whitney's first swap and she totally out did herself! The super cool thing about all of this, is that she got a job to do some teaching at Mystic Paper because of the gorgeous things she made!! Congratulations Whitney!

Alright, now on to what I gave her. This was my first swap as well and I was super nervous about it! One of the party themes Whitney asked for was a "teenage girl birthday party". Now I know from first hand experience how picky a teenage girl can be, but I figured what female doesn't want to be "belle of the ball" so I went for a Cotillion.

Here are the invitations... 12 of them. I used girly colors. (hope it's not too pastel for her) Each has a different combination of papers on the front with a posey of vintage flowers tucked under a banner edged in platinum glitter glue. On the inside I stamped a place for her to write the party information and included a loose piece of parchment paper with a stamped party girl on it.

For the decor, I created this "celebrate" banner. (yes those are Easter decorations on the mantel, still out... we're not going to discuss those though!)

Do you remember this sneak peek?

I searched and searched for the perfect yellow, vintage prom dress to make the banner out of. But I came up empty handed. I did find this pale yellow vintage negligee... loved the polka dots on it and the scalloped collar. So that with some vintage trims and buttons and german glass glitter became this.

Whitney had made a comment in passing one day about loving the color yellow, so that's why it was so important to find something in that color. The table runner shown in the peek didn't make it into the swap. I found something, I think, that was more suiting to Whitney.

Here is that something more suiting... a tablecloth and I stumbled across this cute yellow daisy platter. I was really excited when I found a vintage "party" cookbook.

I got these darling cupcake topper girls, all ready to dance at the ball, from this etsy shop.

I added pearls and white gloves for the belle of the ball and vintage hankies for the goody bags. The hankies are from my collection and I tried to pick colors that I thought Whitney would like.

Here are some extra things I thought she might be able to use. As well as some little mini dancing girls for the goody bags or for however she wants to use them.

That's my show and tell for the day. This swap thing is really addicting. I have to run now... need to go work on the other swap projects I have going!
Have a beautiful day!


Crafty Ladies said...

Beautiful decorations! Lovely!

Whitney Johnson said...

Yahoo! We are a couple of swapping fools!! I just joined the vintage workshop swap at Gathering Dust and Karis Cottage. Fun! Thanks for everything ...

Sherry/Cherie said...

Wow girl!! You gave as good as you got!! What a lot of visual eye candy!!

on the dot creations said...

Hi, Alisa. I found your blog this evening while doing an Internet search for polka dots. You have such a pretty blog, and it's obvious that you like polka dots, too! :)

I am a huge fan of polka dots myself -- in fact I have a blog devoted entirely to them! You might enjoy it:

Warm regards,

hopetreestudio said...

Oh so much talent love you blog fellow street team member. Denise

Sabii Wabii said...

This was a really fun swap!

Sarah said...

What fun swap items! The cake toppers from etsy are great! I love those! You each sent such wonderful things!
Vintage Lily