Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Few Lovelies

Good Saturday morning to you all! It is SO unbelievably GORGEOUS here in the "Big D" area today. It is without a doubt a park/picnic day!

I was going to write this post yesterday, however about an hour after my farmboy left for work he called to tell me my niece was in the hospital. Appendicitis. Poor little girl! But they took that nasty ole thing out and she's home and doing great! So life goes on...

...on to vintage and crafty lovelies.
First, how about some more sneak peeks! This one is for Julie. The Enchanted Swap.

I have a finishing touch to put on two of the items for this swap and then it gets boxed up and sent off. If not today then definitely first thing Monday morning.

And a sneak peek for Wanda (hope your service is up and running and all went well with the move!) The Marie Antoinette Box Swap.

One last project for this to finish up and it too can go out the door.

Here are some recent purchases. I did it... I took the plunge. Really it couldn't be helped after seeing every one's beautiful vintage hats. I bought these two at my local antique shop. There is a big booth in there that is nothing but hats. Some are REALLY gorgeous... these two, not so much.

But they were both 50% off and it's the flowers I want off of them. Do you see the leaves on this one... OMG! Love them!!

I do have two of my grandmother's hats. One is royal blue velvet with some netting and rhinestones and the other is all feathers. Blue, purple and hot pink with netting tightly wrapped around the whole hat. I also found two very pretty pink hats that I want, but didn't get yet. When I do get them I want to keep them as is. In fact, I really want to go ahead and find enough pretty ones so when I have my "Spring Tea" my guests can choose a hat to wear during the party.

I also bought these on that shopping trip.

Great aren't they?! "New", small, vintage German pharmaceutical bottles with just a touch of blue to them. They even still have the original tissue paper wrapped around the stopper. There was a ton of them, but I only bought ten of them. I think I already know what I'm going to do with them.

These I purchased from Present Past Collection. Quite a bundle of c. 1920-1930 ledger papers. Very pleased I am!

I also got a great little something from her to put into my MA box. But it's a secret.

I *heart* paper crafting kits! This one is from Jenni Bowlin Studio. Nothing but gorgeousness in this kit.

Do you see this paper!!! Be still my beating heart! Love it! I also have another paper crafting kit, vintage inspired spring kit, coming from Scrapologie. But it will be one or two weeks before it arrives. Can't wait. Did I mention how much I love paper crafting kits?!

Alright off to take my family to the park for the day! I'll see you tomorrow with a very special post. Well it will be special to me anyway!
Hope your day is as beautiful as mine is going to be!

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