Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yesterday, after partaking in Tulip Mania, I went over to my parents house. Only maybe 3 minutes away from my house. My farmboy was already over there working hard. Doing what you ask? Helping them to clean it out, pack it up and move it. They are moving.

To the Carribean... the Virgin Islands... St. Croix.

Now, I've taken this pretty well (unlike my sister... it's killing her), but yesterday it all kind of hit home. The house changes hands this Tuesday.
That was my home throughout my entire teenage years. It's where my childhood dog is buried. It was my comfort and safe haven that I ran to at the end of my first marriage. It's the place where I married my farmboy.
Well that did it! I'm sitting here bawling now.
I know it's just a place and it's not the place that is important it's the memories that we all made there and those memories will stay with us all.

And as for my parents. Well this is a well deserved move. And I would never deny them or resent them for making this choice. I'm really happy for them. I know they are going to enjoy themselves immensely. Not to mention the great vacations we will get to take. But then, what about birthday celebrations and holidays and Sunday get togethers and who will comfort pat me when the doctor gives me bad news and my farmboy is out of town and who will I call when I can't figure out how to make Dutch Babies?

Gotta take a break... crying too hard now.

I got it together now... that was obviously pent-up! Anyway, we're going over to help again today. Yesterday we sat on the bench where the violinist sat during our wedding. The new owners stopped by so my dad could tell them how to take care of the well house, the ponds, the sprinkler system, the koi pond. I wasn't there, but farmboy told me they said we could come over anytime we want... bring a bottle of champagnes and sit on the bench. They would leave us alone or celebrate with us, which ever we wanted. That was very thoughtful.

They are very nice people with a big family like us. I really hope they enjoy the place and make wonderful memories there.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

What a lovely post--big hugs! It is always hard when these big changes come into our lives. BUT you said it right--it's not the house, but the memories. Just think of the great place you get to go to when you visit your parents in the future--wow! It's wonderful that the people who are moving into that home are so nice and will soon be making their own memories there--so goes life :o)
Chin up!
Smiles, Karen

Whitney Johnson said...

Hi, Alicia. Our family went through a similar change a few years ago. Even my cousins were very sad - ALL the big family events were at my parents. You will get through it. :) Don't feel badly for grieving. It's really healthy - and you're on the right track thinking positively about the future! Stay Well - Whitney

Ranjini said...

Awwww, (((HUGS))) Alisa. While it's very exciting for your parents - I know it must be really hard on you. I agree with the previous poster who said it's not just the house but the memories -- and find comfort in knowing you'll always have those - no one can take away your memories. And how kind of the owners-to-be to understand what you are going through.

Lori said...

awwwww:( i feel so sad for you and i really know JUST how you feel...several years ago my sister and parents moved to Florida, well then a couple years later they moved a little closer, up to tennessee...STILL it's a 9 and 1/2 hour drive and we don't see each other at the holidays, really breaks my heart and i miss them all SO much...sending *hugs* and a virtual shoulder to cry on:)

Knitsational said...

I can only imagine how you must be feeling. My parents live right next door and are an integral part of our daily life. I don't know where I would be without them here though I know that one day I will find out one way or another. So I will send you big hugs and positve energy. Good luck to your parents. What an adventure!

tammy fischer said...

Oh Alisa! I feel your heart breaking. My dad is in the process of selling our "family" house right now too. You know, it can't hurt to go in and carefully carve your teeny tiny initials into some obscure wall. I carved mine on the interior wall of what was once my bedroom closet. the new owners would have to look really hard to find them, but I know they're there. And, I try to tell myself that it doesn't matter where the house is (there are way worse places than the carribean!), it will always be home as long as my family is there. Hugs to you and your family!