Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been tagged by Sarah of Gypsy Mermaid Life. Five weird things about myself... okay, here we go.

1. I have an oyster cracker fetish. I snack on them all day long and go through probably a bag a week. I won't eat the name brand kind either... has to be the cheap, Kroger store brand kind. (That was kinda embarassing... as I pop a handful of crackers into my mouth.)

2. When I'm mad and pouting I clean the bathroom. From top to bottom. So clean that if you were weird enough you could eat off of it. I'm not that weird though.

3. I can't go to sleep without wiggling my toes... all ten of them. When I'm feeling anxious they wiggle twice as fast. My poor hubby!

4. I can't/don't write anything online without having the merriam-webster dictionary up also. I am the worst speller in the world! What is really funny about that is I used to teach pre-k and spelling and reading were a big part of what I taught. Good thing the word cat is age appropriate for a 5 year old and not the word anxious!

5. Last and by no means really last (cuz there's a whole lot more where this came from) I kinda freak out when the dishes in the dishwasher are not put in the way I put them in. I know to avoid looking in it if I wasn't the last to do dishes.

There ya have it folks. I could keep going and my husband could probably add quite a few to the list too, but 5 was the limit.

Alright, now for the five people I tag...

Have fun!


Lori said...

well, i love your list:) too funny about the dishwasher, because i am the exact same way...i have tried to give my DH lessons on the "correct" way to load the thing to no avail...and do you have your spell check on? saves a lot of time on the spelling thing...however if you make up words like i do, it doesn't really help with that...oh, and i wiggle my toes all the idea why...

ps: you have tagged THE worst tag poster in the history of blogland, just so ya know:)

i finally was able to plug you in on google reader, hooray!!!

karin (creativechaos) said...

Oh boy...only 5? I have alot of editing to do...:) Laughing at your dishwasher delimma...same here. My husband drives me crazy with the way he loads it...

scrapologie said...

Ha ha ha!! I totally relate to the dishwasher thing -- I do the same thing, totally!!

And by the way, I am loving all of your etsy creations -- sooo pretty! It looks very WARM where you are -- can I come visit?? ;)

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

So funny! I have lots of weird things to read about others..makes me feel not so weird!

Knitsational said...

That's funny, a "mad" woman when I"m angry. Hubby knows to just get out of the way!

Stink Bone Jones said...

Your list is great! I didn't connect your name to your etsy shop when you replied to my Marie Antoinette Swap last week. So glad it is you! Feel free to copy that pick I posted for your blog.

Stink Bone Jones said...

I meant picture :)

Waterrose said...

Too funny...I'm glad there are other people who are weird about the dishwasher!