Friday, March 14, 2008

A Quick Post

I have so much on my plate today, so I'll try to make this speedy.

I received this pretty necklace from Tideupmemories etsy shoppe.

Enjoyed wearing it yesterday on our adventure to the Dallas World Aquarium. Wouldn't you know it, something funny happened while we were there and we had walked out of the house without our camera. Luckily, a nice couple took a some snaps and offered to email them to us. I'll post them here when I get a chance. And as a side note to that happening, my farmboy is the true "Beastmaster". heehee! Anyway, I could go on and on about the aquarium, but since I don't have any pictures I won't. They have totally redone the entire setup and have added so much since I last went. If you life in the Dallas area and haven't been, go. It's worth it if you love animals. It's kinda smelly though.

Look at these!

They make me SO happy! I planted them and then seriously like the next day it snowed. Then it snowed again. But they survived. However, I don't think my little baby hydrangeas did. We'll have to wait and see. I think Spring is really here this time.

Tomorrow you need to stop by the Etsy Promo Forum and look for this.

I personally can't wait to see what all of those talented ladies have come up with. My little tulip project is almost finished now. It's one of the items on my ginormous list today.

I think last but not least, is this. I was promoting my shoppe last night on Etsy and a really wonderful thing happened. My shoppe was chosen to be featured on the new Atomic Delight blog on April 14th. Can't really say that lil' old me has ever been featured anywhere for anything.

Gotta go tackle my day. See ya later.

I almost forgot, I listed these yesterday...


I Heart That! Dance said...

Wheeee! Well done Ailsa! And thank you so much for the tulip pictures, we are still under a couple feet of snow here in Toronto :( I will look out for your feature on that other blog!

tiedupmemories said...

This is such a pretty blog! so happy you like the necklace and put it here for everyone to see!Love it! Thanks again!

Lori said...

Alisa, i love the necklace from tiedup, it is so darling:) and your tulips are gorgeous!!! i am a loser, i don't have a tulip project but i will pop in the forum before i lay down for my nap {working nights} and support those who DID make a tupil project:) your new goodies are so so sweet, i love them!!!

Whitney Johnson said...

Your new shoppe items are so cute, Alicia! I'll have to visit Etsy too, and see all the yummy goodies. I finally posted my five odd things. It does make ya think... Whitney :)

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