Monday, March 3, 2008


my absolute favorite time of the year. Lots of Springness happening around here.

First off, we had a gorgeous weekend. One of my favorite things is the moment when I realize I'm gazing at the "green haze". What is that, you ask. Well, when the trees start budding out at the beginning of spring and you're driving down the road or just standing there looking at a line or cluster of these budding trees, it looks like there is a green haze surrounding the trees. LOVE that green haze! It totally fills me with joy.

Which brings up the topic of spring cleaning. Due to the beautiful weekend, we spent a big chunk of it outside tidying up. The deck needed it bad.

My farmboy made an attempt to till up some areas in the beds. However, the tiller petered out on us. But we did get some tulips and hydrangeas into the ground.

And as usual, there is always a slacker or two.

I just love the satisfaction of planting something.

I took these on Sunday afternoon before a mega storm blew in. And when I checked the weather this morning, wouldn't ya know it...possible snow tonight! Go figure.

Today the house is going to get a spring cleaning as well as this place. Time for February and Valentine's Day to move on.

Next topic...spring inspiration!
Put this little lovely together the other night.
Spring Inspiration
1. bird's nest with glittered eggs, 2. MILKA, A TINY FLUFFY BUNNY-SNOWFLAKE, 3. Green flower in April, 4. Green Flowers (Helebores), 5. millinery flowers, 6. Froo Froo Matching Set, 7. Lovely green soap and dish, 8. Sweet and Shabby Wallpaper Pack, 9. Verde no Aquarius, 10. rabbit-parade, 11. Peeps, 12. Close up green Easter, 13. Name That Duck!, 14. Easter Breakfast, 15. Have a happy and sweet Easter !, 16. Macro-Bunny, 17. Untitled, 18. Spring grooming and relaxing, 19. Spring Leaves Needlebook, 20. Bells Ringing in Spring, 21. Spring! with handmade marzipan lemons, 22. in love with spring, 23. Early Spring in the air, 24. Pear Trees Mean Spring, 25. Spring is here

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

And there is some pretty Cottage Style Etsy Street Team inspiration here at the Etsy Treasury. and here and also here.

Also picked up these...

Much goodness in here.

Guess I ought to get to it. Lots of spring cleaning, spring decorating and I started some spring whimsies last night for the shop.

Have a beautiful day.

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