Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Pink and Green Palette...

with accents of white, bluish-gray and brown.
This is how it started;
in my pattern book.
Green ombre with drippies of pink and coral.
And from there paper fabric was created.
{little known fact: wolfhounds like paper fabric just as much as they do regular fabric}
Continuing down this track,
a hexagon flower was sewn together.
Soon after, part of the paper fabric was cut into triangles to create this lovely little sun-catcher number.
I'm pretty sure there is still more exploring to do within this
pink and green palette.
Stay tuned.


Monica said...

Really a lovely color palette. Not my usual one, but it's worth a try. Especially if the green is very pale and the pink very soft.
Your exagon lightcatcher is fantastic! Love the sewing with no thread to catch the sunbeams!

Photocat said...

Finlay onto the fabric is worth framing in itself. I love your green and pink palet... It is amazing how much we fall back onto a certain color combination, directly into our comfort zone.

kandeland said...

love what you're creating from Sewn! I didn't sign up this time but it looks fun! happy day to you Alisa...xo

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I love pink and green together! It's one of my favorite go-to color combinations.

Jillayne said...

Pink and green is a lovely palette Alisa, just lovely. You have created some soft and pleasing pieces here, and I love the wedge design - very beautiful!
Isn't summer school a wonderful thing!?!