Monday, July 29, 2013

The Splendid Book for Girls

I received the most splendid package in the mail recently.
A package from one of the sweetest artists, bloggers, people I know;
I was so surprised when I opened the box and found this...
a journal cover she had created.
She used an old book as the base...
The Splendid Book for Girls.
At first I was reluctant to punch holes into the spine for binding,
but I finally did, as the only thing that felt right was to keep the book whole.
It truly could not be anymore perfect;
the heart {she was supposed to just be sending me some heart shaped rocks, which are amazing in their own right!},the postcard from Scotland she chose to collage onto it, the colors used, the butterflies and the words.
Oh the words.  The message the chose for me... well...
But the most wonderful and amazing thing about it is, Monica went out of her way for no reason at all other than the kindness and love in her heart to create this piece of art for me.
Life is such a beautiful place to be.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

That is lovely -- the book and that your friend just sent you it to cheer you up! I find the whole mail art/blogger/art world to be very generous. Enjoy.

Dorthe said...

A most beautiful gift from the heart, to you, dear Alisa!!
Hugs, Dorthe

Photocat said...

Hah, what a coincidence... I know EXACTLY how you feel. Grin. Indeed a gift from the heart. What goes around comes around, or what comes around goes around... I am so happy for you Alisa, your heart must be filled!

Deb said...

Such a beautiful gift from the ♥
A new journal to fill with dreams ~ Enjoy!

Monica said...

What to tell you? Life is a beautiful place to be for sure!
Many thanks for the *splendid* job you've done with my cover!
Seeing it I am thinking that maybe I should make more to share... :)

International Decor said...

Really you have great blog

Charlene said...

Monica is a DEAR!!!! She & I used to communicate all the time & then busy just took over for both of us. I'm soooooooo glad she chose to gift you the beauty.