Monday, July 1, 2013


I would like to introduce you to our newest family member...
Finlay Alwishes Noble
It's been eight months since I had to say goodbye to my Lucy.
Eight months.
It feels like three and I still miss her like crazy.
And then all of a sudden Daisy was gone.
If you've been stopping by here long enough then you might know eleven years ago Lucy came with me into this marriage of mine to the Farmboy.
And you'll also know that nine years ago Daisy came into our family with the intention that she would be the Farmboy's little sidekick.
It's been over fifteen plus years since I have been without a dog by my side.
That said, I had no intention of finding a new fur baby just yet.
I just didn't think it was time.
Well, it turns out The Universe had other plans.
I have wanted an Irish Wolfhound for more years than I can remember.
I said one day I would have one.
The Farmboy, however, did not want a dog the size of a horse.
I also really wanted a rescue dog.
It's very rare to find an Irish Wolfhound rescue.  There just aren't very many of them.
And then the stars aligned and Finlay fell into our laps from out of nowhere.
He is the perfect compromise for us- an Irish Wolfhound mix,
{mixed with what, I'm not sure of yet}
but he looks like a full blooded Wolfhound other than his size,
which is smaller than a year and a half Wolfhound should be.
He is also as gentle and loving as a full Irish Wolfhound.
He is so handsome and sweet and smart.
I'm still grieving for the loss of Daisy.
I had a good thirty minute sob just yesterday afternoon,
but Finlay helps a little with that.
Time and Finlay.
Just what the doctor ordered, evidently.
Thank you, everyone, for all of your kind comments, emails and messages for both the loss of Daisy and my mancub's twenty-first birthday.
My love to you all!


Wanda said...

That is one handsome dog! I am really sorry about your other doggies..that is so sad. I love it when the stras align though. :) Have a great 4th of July!!

Suz said...

He is beautiful! I have my two fur babies. I honestly could not live without them. I am so happy for you!

Dorthe said...

Dear Alisa,
Congratulations , that the universe found you, this beautiful new friend!
He looks so sweet ,and happy to be with both of you !!

The Junque Seeker said...

He is adorable! What a face. I'm so glad that you found each other -it was obviously meant to be!

Photocat said...

Finlay is CUUUUTTTTEEEEE.... I love his face. Adorable factor 2987 I would say! How neat that you found him. I am convinced that if anyone can warm your heart again it must be, must be Finlay.

Deb said...

Finlay is adorable & looks like he has fit in perfectly ♥ I'm so happy you found an Irish Wolfhound rescue group & Finlay has found his forever home.
Happy 4th Alisa & Finlay.

Jillayne said...

Daisy... such a beautiful dog, and such a lovely poem - "Daisy a Day" is running through my head right now...
And now Findlay comes to you - how appropriate, that he is a mixture. He looks like he is happy at home, and you and the Farmboy are looking happy too...

Debe said...

Alisa! I just caught up & found out about Daisy. I am so sorry. Dogs own a piece of our hearts. I am so glad Finlay added to your hearts. Beautiful boy! Farmboy ain't bad either......

LOL Elo Boost said...

It's been over fifteen plus years since I have been without a dog by my side.

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Celeste Kemmerer said...

Finlay looks like a wonderful dog. I am so happy that you found him and he could bring you some comfort.

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Finlay is just adorable, he looks right at home already. Think you're right about the stars aligning...