Monday, February 18, 2013

Seven Things

Two weeks ago I received a box full of old hair in the mail.

Now I'm wondering if I should add a lock of mine to that box of old hair, so that in the future my granddaughter can say she has a box containing five generations of old hair.
Everyone knows five is better than four.

It is good to have a mechanical genius/welder for a brother in law.

My left eye twitches when I pull the mail out of the mailbox and see that the postal people have folded my Anthropologie catalog in half.

We have a broken sewage pipe in our backyard.

That is just as disgusting as it sounds.



Sandy Camarda said...

I wonder why those people cut off so much of their hair though? I agree that 5 is better than 4 and I too have a bro-in-law who is a welder. Good luck with the sewage pipe!


Lorrie said...

I laughed at the eye twitch with the folded Anthro catalogue. I didn't laugh at the broken sewer pipe.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

We're still working on the bathroom, but we finally found and repaired the water leak outside. Continued good thoughts for your broken sewer pipe. said...

Been there with the sewage pipe. Blech. Hopeful for fast repair ;)

Be still my heart with the hair box. I have locks of my hair through the years in a book my mom made.

I think for sure you should add yours.

SO beautiful.

Julia said...

I agree about the folded Anthropologie catalog; mail carriers have no idea of the following of that catalog. Sorry to hear about your backyard woes. But oh my, heart pitter-patter at the precious box of hair! Of course you should add yours!

kambing said...

hehehe cool

Wes In St Croix said...

I just love reading your blog and seeing your creative side.

Anne Onsøien said...

Just found your blog, love it, it's so inspiering and nice. Anne