Monday, January 7, 2013

One Little Word

In 2012 I was fearless.
I really was fearless.  It was an amazing word.
It took me places I never expected to go.
At least, until it was time to find my word for 2013.

{photo has nothing to do with this post}
A conversation I had with a really good friend in December went something like this:
Her:  So now my question for you, Alisa, is what is your word going to be for next year?
Me:  *deer in the headlights look*
Her:  Well?  Have you got one yet?
Me:  *stuttering*  Yes... sort of... I mean... umm... I'm afraid to say it out loud.
Her:  Um, Alisa, isn't your word for this year fearless???
Me:  Yes......
I thought that the word kinda, mighta, shoulda been success.
It was right, but not right all at the same time.
So after a conversation with the Farmboy I realized why it wasn't right.
It left things too open.
The word that felt exactly right was
The first step of doing in 2013 was getting around to finally purchasing a web domain.
Something I had pushed to the side repeatedly for a couple of years,
for no apparent reason.
Checking that off the list.
Are you picking a word this year?  What is it?


Julia said...

I love your new word! Do is a great word. And you're right, it follows fearless beautifully. Well chosen! I've enjoyed reading your fearless posts from 2012. I'll bet you 2013 posts filled with Do will be just as amazing and inspiring. I'm looking forward to being inspired by you, Alisa. Maybe my word for 2013 should be Follow. ;) I've never had a word for the year before but it sounds very useful.

Lorrie said...

I've so enjoyed reading your Fearless posts. Although I never stated it publicly, or wrote it down, in many ways it was my word, too. This year, my word, which came to me as I read your blog, is Use. Use what I have in my hands.
I look forward to your DO posts. Good for you for taking that first step!

Jillayne said...

Funny isn't it how one word really does lead to another. I loved Fearless and I think Do is a natural extension of that. And I like the immediacy of it.
And congrats on getting that web domain done. The first step...

PamelaArtsinSF said...

Hummmm...I hadn't thought about a word a year....but funny...fearless is the word I'd pick for my life. Any time I am afraid of something -- I do it! DO is a good on too....maybe for an Aries (me) FINISH would be good....

Celeste Kemmerer said...

I wasn't going to choose a word. I have never chosen a word before. However, my word chose me. So my word for 2013 is "create".

Photocat said...

I am not copying you, I swear, but that is the word I picked two weeks ago too. Often I go into avoiding and starting 40 projects to avoid working on one and actually do something. Procrastination glooms over me. So Do should counteract that... Hopefully.
On the other hand, I am aries, and DO is what an aries does before anything else, so I will have to focus and do what needs to be done. Skip the mindless DO.

Dorthe said...

Congratulations on your web.domaine-Alisa, the first to DO on your list ,was a great first step to take!!
I wish I had a wort,but I`m sure I wouild not be able to stick with it-so better not let myself down :-)
Althoug your word is a mighty good word to work with all year-
Maybe I will give it a thought, if you allow me ?

Dawn said...

I have chosen the word FLOURISH.
Glad you are getting a good start on DOing what your heart desires.