Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Daily 2012 ~ Days 2 & 3

Day 2
Pretty self explanatory.
We bought a tree.
A Noble Fir.
Because we're narcissistic like that.
Day 3
The lighting of the tree.
Well, the beginning of it anyway.
On the third is when I started putting lights on the tree.
It took several more days before I actually finished it though.
I'm totally loving doodling in this book.
Simple and easy.
Although the first two pages don't really flow with the rest of it now,
but I'm just going to go with it.
I actually have several more pages near done,
mainly just journaling to do on them,
but tomorrow I drop the Farmboy's pig-dog off for surgery in the morning,
then have lunch with a friend
and finish {hopefully} my Christmas shopping
before picking the pig up at the end of the day.
And I have a project that is more important right now than this book, that I need to get finished.
So we'll see how long it takes before I get more pages posted over here.
That's life, right?
Y'all have a great weekend!
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Lorrie Orr said...

The book is looking great. And I love the "noble" fir idea. With your name how could you do otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What a fun read your book is going to be when it's done. I've never thought to document the whole Christmas Process. There's so much goodness in it that it makes sense to capture it all. :) I love the photo of you putting lights on the tree. So cute! Noble Fir fer sure!

kandeland said...

ha! a Noble fir, who knew?
have a great weekend Alisa...
xo nat

Photocat said...

Life can sure get in the way with our art plannings. Dark days here in UK, it's good that we can put on some extra christmas lights to turn dark into cosy. It's all in the way we look.

Monica said...

LOVE your journal! This morn I visited and saw it, but had no time to comment. I love your 1960-Better-Homes-and-Garden-inspired pics! Here's another gorgeous one. The other day I mentioned to my hubby your photo from last year's journal (I often speak of my blog friends in my offline life :)), and we decided to take one, too! Of course when we have a real tree. Of course, when we have a real home :)

PamelaArtsinSF said...

OK, I know I am a city girl but what the heck is a pig-dog??? I'm not sure I want to know! Enjoy your tree and your weekend.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

Have fun with your more important project! My tree is about three feet tall and on top of a coffee table to keep it out of reach of golden retriever tails. My ornaments are also unbreakable.

Dorthe said...

You choosed a beautiful tree, Alisa, and such fun memories to have next year seing those two photoes of you and your husbond.Here the preparation is on the female side, too :-)
Hope your doggie will have a succesful surgery, dear-and enjoy your meeting friend-and shopping!

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