Friday, October 12, 2012

Marburger Farm Antique Show

We made it to Round Top, for the last two days of antique week, as planned.
I went for the sole purpose of finding a small chandelier for my closet...
despite what some thought on that subject.
He went for two reasons.
Firstly, to spend time with me, as he had been out of town for a week prior.
And because he likes me.
Secondly, to shoot the old stuff.
Because he likes that too.
Our first stop was Marburger Farm.
Marburger, unlike the other Round Top shows, is only open for five days.
From Tuesday to Saturday.
It's where you can find the higher end European antiques + specialty goodies like Magnolia Pearl.
But, it's also the most expensive show out of all.
Which is why I like to go on the last day they are open.
Prices have already dropped and vendors are often willing to go lower so that they don't have to haul as much back home with them.
We were a little slow to start with the shopping.
But that's typical for us, as entering upon the first tent is always a bit overwhelming.
However, things changed in the second tent.
We came upon a couple of old gooseneck desk lamps that the Farmboy fancied and we were wanting to replace his bedside lamp.
After complimenting the vendor on his wares, the Farmboy asked about the lamps.
We walked away with one at a much lower price than originally asked.
From that moment on the Farmboy was in his best wheeling dealing Mike Wolfe picker form.
Chatting up the vendors. 
Making them laugh. 
Haggling as well as any American Picker could.
And that is how we ended up with a pair of 1940 Parisian leather club chairs.
Between the chairs and my small chandelier, two lamps, an antique writing desk turned into a bench and heavy piece of salvaged architecture from India,
we just barely got it all into the back of my Jeep.
And that meant we were finished and would not be hitting any of the other shows.
So, it was probably a good thing that he absolutely refused to let me buy the taxedermied peacocks.
At 5 feet tall, plumage draping to the floor,
they would have been quite the conversation starters sitting on their perches on either side of the fireplace.

It's also a good thing I absolutely refused to let him buy himself a throne.
Next he would have wanted everyone to start addressing him as Lord of the Noble Manor.

First 6 photos via Farmboy Photography
Last two via A Girl with an Instagram Account
Have a beautiful weekend!


Dorthe said...

Alisa, my goodness, when first you start !!!!!!! I mean buying :-)
The chairs I would love too, -and I must say that number 2 Marie statue, takes me by my heart--- but she is .I understand still with the vendor ! Not that it helps me, where I am.
Hope you came good home with all your great purchases.

Celeste Kemmerer said...

LOL! My Farm Boys would be lying on the ground saying they weren't having any fun! One of my sons actually did this once.

kandeland said...

tell Mr. Farmboy great shots!
happy weekend, xo

Photocat said...

O my, look at those Mary statues... Well, I think that the first one could be Bernadette Soubirous, but not sure. Love, love, love the photographs. I should have gone to Roundtop too! A feast for my eyes!

Leanne said...

Love love love the photos of the religious statues. The colors in the first one are breathtaking!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Dear Alisa,
It is so good to be back at your blog and I hope that I am back in blogland to stay. I needed time to be sad and time to put the house back many things literally fell apart...long story. I am so glad you didn't leave. You are one of my favorite people/blogs. I love your art journal and your new sketches...I just barely started myself and love it. I love how you found it...what a way to it! You are one of a kind!

Margaret said...

Ha ha, had to laugh at your unplanned haul!! isn't that just the way?!! Fabby pics, enjoy your new stuff! Mx

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Oh - it sounds like you had an awesome time at Marburger Alisa. and came home with some awesome finds too. Need to have a hanger on your jeep next time to be able to visit more shows

Kimberley McGill said...

Alisa, you were in a place that could be heaven or hell for me! Heaven if I have the money to spend, and hell if I don't!

I linked over from Flickr, you are a contact I added during a photo course we both did. I have to say that this gorgeous blog (I've been exploring).

Like others, I am also inlove with the first picture. Exquisite.