Monday, September 10, 2012

He's Found His Wings

Tuesday, August 14th
Me:  Will you be home this weekend or are you going to your dad's?
Him:  Umm, yes, I'll be home.
Me:  Okay, then I'll cook this weekend.
Him:  Okay.
Wednesday, August 15th
Me:  Hey, we'll go up to IKEA Saturday and get you a new desk chair.
Him:  Umm, I might be moving Saturday.
Me:  What?!
Him:  Yeah, Friday or Saturday.
Me:  But... *sputter*...but....
Him:  I told you the move in date was the 17th.
Me:  Yeah, but you told me yesterday that you were going to be home this weekend.  Are you just moving your stuff in and then coming back home until Monday?
Him:  No.  I'm sorry.
Me:  Can we help you move?
Him:  I don't need any help.  Patricia is going with me and we're using her car.
Me:  But.......
Him:  Mother.  Mother, it's okay.  I'm not going to forget about you.  I'm going to come back and visit and we can meet for lunch some days.
I love you, Mom.
Me:  But, this is it... your time here is over... you won't be coming back to live here ever again... you should let us come... we should be there to see you off... this is a big thing...
Him:  Mother, it's not like I'm getting on a ship to sail away on a ten year expedition to the Arctic.  I'm only going to be an hour away.  It's like I'm going fishing for the day.  That's all.
And then he held me close to his chest and comfort patted me while I sobbed,
just like I used to do for him when his little boy heart was hurting.


kandeland said...

awww...hang in there Alisa!
what a beautiful photo...

Dorthe said...

OH Alisa,
yes I know-it is difficult- we miss them-
Wonderful photo of you two.

Jillayne said...

Oh Alisa.... it's hard at first - an empty space is created when they go. Eventually everyday life creeps in to fill it though and eventually you realize they aren't gone after all, just someplace else.
A very sweet post....

Anonymous said...

Aw dang... My girl leaves for college in FL tomorrow.. We live in MD.... i feel ya :-(

Celeste Kemmerer said...

How old is your son? My youngest moved out a year ago July and my middle son moved out in January. They still come by and eat, shop in my cupboards and take the last roll of toilet paper...

Alisa Noble said...

Celeste, that's too funny! He's 20. He's been going to a junior college and living here for the last two years and has switched to a University this semester.
Honestly, he was only gone for 36 hours before he showed back up hungry. But now that classes have started he's having to feed himself. LOL

Photocat said...

What a beautiful lad... And he has so much of you in his face. Lovely photograph. You will find a new balance and you will enjoy it. Trust me. You will love me-time...