Friday, March 9, 2012

Opening Another WIP

If you've been around here awhile, then you will know that last year I was gifted with the book
Truly a gift.
And perfect timing as well, seeing that the year before I had already begun the process of "finding myself" with the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration classes.

However, if you've been around here awhile, then you will also be aware of the fact that I have a tendency to get off track.

So be it.
I've come to decide, over the years, that it's okay and not to sweat it.
Because there is always a high probability that I'll get back at it somewhere down the road.
And that's just what I've done.

I've pulled out my book and journal, dusted them off and picked up where I left off.
Another abandoned WIP is back in progress.


Lorrie said...

Love this. I have so many WIPs - and most of them get finished eventually. I love that journal, so pretty.

Have fun along the way.

Shelley in SC said...

Thank you for helping me to feel better about my abandoned WIP's. You're right . . . if you loved them in the first place, you do eventually get back to them!!

Laurel's Quill said...

Good for you, Alisa. I totally get the "don't sweat it" state of being. If you are like me, you worked hard most of your life, and even after 4 years in retirement from a stress filled career, I still have trouble just slowing down and just "be-ing". I have so many WIPs laying around...Laurel

Dorthe said...

Dear Alisa,
welcome back to your wonderful looking journal- here on my table layes several projects waiting to be finished- I`m in the CLUP -and know I will be there, finishing them up, almost every one :-)

Margaret said...

My dear Alisa, you are a woman after my own heart, I've lost track of my off track WIPs! but you know these things keep and they inevitably reappear when the time is just right!
Love your colour choice, double yum Copics! Mx

Photocat said...

Neat that you picked that WIP back up. Love the colorscheme you used on that page. It's a page that can breath, with white space. Peaceful. Lovely set up too, with the pint with copics...