Thursday, February 9, 2012

Right Now...

I am trying to make Valentines, but getting nowhere with them

Wanting to work in my art journal, but can't find the energy to open it up

Listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing Bewitched
{and wishing my Farmboy was here to dance with me}

Planning an anniversary trip

Wishing I didn't feel guilt at the thought of sitting and stitching during the day

Praying and asking for forgiveness and braveness

Enjoying the visual inspiration here and here

Looking forward to seeing this tomorrow

Accepting that I'm six days behind on my 365 photos

Kicking myself for lollygagging and not registering for this class when I should have

Impatiently waiting for this

Wishing the sun would come out and lift this icky, gray funk.


Dorthe said...

Dear Alisa, this is a lot
: Should have--and : Have not----
Just be happy and stitch along, enjoy what you do, and feel happy with what you this moment can accomplisch-- Everything else will wait for you to start again, when the sky is bright, and sun is shining- and you are more energy filled.

Julia said...

Thank you for posting the links, Alisa. I am especially enchanted with the painting of goldfish by Riusuke Fukahori. Fifteen years ago my daughter started writing a novel about a "gel painter" who painted with syringes in a tray of medium, an art form my daughter made up and only existed in her imagination. I imagined images just like the ones in the video. Seeing the video was quite a thrill.

Do not despair at the slow times. There is a time for repair and inspiration. During that time, we are quiet and nothing comes out of us because everything is going into us. You are getting filled. Your talent is extraordinary and I know soon you will create with fresh inspiration. May you be refreshed and blessed this day.
I love your blog!

kandeland said...

wishing you some blue skies...xox

Sandy Michelle said...

I was amazed by those youtube videos! I am totally going to get that book too! Thanks for sharing and have fun at the exhibit!

Sandy xox

Lorrie said...

Life has its seasons. Don't feel guilty about taking time to stitch (says one who often feels the same way).

Jillayne said...

I love Ella - I have an Oscar and Ella cd and I love it; it's especially good with wine....
Six days is not a long time you know... you can catch up or let it slide - no matter really... in the great giant scheme of things, six days is a drop in the bucket!
I hope your funk is either short-lived, or inspires you to make something funky!

Tiedupmemories said...

Inspiration comes and goes ..I know! Stitching is good! I agree with Dorthe..."when the sky is bright,and sun is shining- you are more energy filled." Wishing you lots of sunny bright days ahead!
Air hugs,