Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fa La La La La

I'm still moving stuff around.
I'm so over it.
But only half the house is put back together.
Hoping there will be a couch, in front of a television, to sit on tonight.
I needed a break, so I thought I'd pop in and share
Day One.

Day one is all about the music.
I LOVE Christmas music.
But we have a rule in this house.
No Christmas music is to be played until the day after Thanksgiving.

I whine a lot about it just before Thanksgiving, but the Farmboy sticks to his guns.
And he's totally right.
He knows if we start before then, we will totally burn out before December 25 gets here.

However, it doesn't ever stop me from purchasing it before I can listen to it.
This year I downloaded two albums.
Mindy Gledhill's Winter Moon
(Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward)

I've been Falalalalaing since the day after Thanksgiving.

What are some of your favorite Christmas tunes?


Robin Thomas said...

Well shit.

I will not be posting my lame Christmas journal! HA!

I have the same rule about Christmas music. The first, last and inbetween I listen to is Celine. Her Ave Maria kills.

Kinda like your journal.

TheSaltedAvocado said...

We have the same rule, too. It just hurt me to walk into the mall November 3rd, and everything was jingling and ring-ting-tingling around me! Not to mention Black friday shopping on Thanksgiving day...come, come, now...let's at least take ONE day to be thankful for what we Already have (mainly our dear family and friends).
Anyway, I love the Christmas Journal! Very pretty. :)

somepinkflowers said...

{{ i so
~~L O V E~~
it over here;
your christmas journal
my heart,
i'm just saying... }}

Jillayne said...

I love your book Alisa. I love the idea of your book and would really love it if you would share more about it - the what's and whys and wherefores.... your book binding and journaling adventures inspire me more than any other!

Robin Thomas said...

So, what is that? Did you scan your phone playing music? I am fascinated by this!

Margaret said...

Your journal is gorgeous Alisa, love the colours, very classy.

I love the premixed CD's as I can never remember what's on them and get to have my trip down memory lane! Mx

Kate said...

I love Christmas music, too. I always have to listen to Bing Crosby at Christmas time. I also like Faith Hill's rendition of Little Drummer Boy and anything Andrea Bocelli or Trans-Siberian Orchestra. :)

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

This book is beautiful! What a wonderful way to commemorate the holiday season.

Diane said...

LOL! But I kind of understand that "rule". It sort of takes the importance out of it to play it too soon. I have Pandora and love it!
$36 a year and any music I want at my fingertips.

I can't stand the hype on TV commercials. It's driving me crazy. PBS is such a relief! We shop during the week to avoid crowds. But we try to keep it simple anyway.

Home is more important. And FAMILY.

Alisa, wishing you a wonderful and peaceful and restorative holiday season....

Diane (who also needs the same thing, peace)

Allie said...

Hi Alisa!
If you ever decide to hold a journal class.........let me know and sign me up!! Yours are BEAUTIFUL!!

One of our holiday traditions is for my daughter and I to spend a day Christmas shopping at a busy mall. We stop for lunch, choose the BEST seats where we can see the Santa and the picture taking.....and then we bet which little one will cry when placed on Santa's knee! Horrible, but Erin and I have done this for years!! She's 20 and just asked me when we were going to do this when she got home from college!

Happy Holidays <3

Sandy Michelle said...

Yeah Christmas music can get on your nerves after a while. I am currently obsessed with Michael buble's new Christmas album :)

Your pages are lovely. I am itching for time to journal..sigh!

Sandy xox

Dorthe said...

OH it is gorgeously looking-love the old time feeling Alisa.

Debbie said...

I love Christmas music, and have many favorites, It's beginning to look alot like Bing Crosby and Have a holly, jolly, Buryle Ives, not too sure I spelled his name correctly. I ran across your blog in the Artful Blogging magazine. Love your art journals.