Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Sunday night we had our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest.

This year we changed things up a bit.
Instead of just the kids and us carving it up, we had family over to play too.

We divided up into couples...
the Graduate & That Girl
the BIL & SIL
the Niece & her "Friend"
the Farmboy and I

We, the Farmboy and I, were pretty sure we had this one.
We were congratulating and patting each other on the backs before we were even finished.

Behold, our creation...

The Wolfman

Pure brilliance.
Chocolate Twizzlers sliced and cut up for fur.  Chocolate chips glued on for stubble.  Garlic for teeth.  And an avocado... the skin for ears and the pit for the nose.

It turns out however,
pure brilliance is nothing when up against

Who knew.

PS.  It also turns out, that it's not really worth the time to poke a gazillion little holes into a pumpkin and then carefully stuff strings of Twizzlers into each one of them.
Pumpkin juice and chocolate Twizzlers equates to something very much like
laser hair removal.


Dawn said...

Hahhaha! I LOVE it! A job well done!

Dorthe said...

WOW- I must say FANTASTIC -never saw any other pumpkin look so wonderfully fun-- what a great job you did- and a hard one too, I think :)

Anonymous said...! How'd you make the "green glowing stuff"?

XO Diane

Sandy Michelle said...

Cool Wolf-o-lantern! I can't believe you didn't win! I would have loved to see what the others came up with! That's funny about the pumpkin juice. I discovered that leaving out my pumpkins over-night- would result in a pumpkin massacre. Skunks and raccoons ate them all in one night!

Becca said...

Hi Alisa, I just read your article in Artful Blogging...enjoyed my visit here. I to love embroidery. I look forward to seeing more here. Have a lovely weekend! The pumpkin looks cool.

Wes In St Croix said...

I was glad I got to see all the entrants. They were all great. Sorry I didn't get to vote. The wolf man was a winner too.