Thursday, October 13, 2011

Autumn Hues

I'm a cool color person.
I also like neutrals.
I like to feel as if I'm gently twirling and floating.

Warm colors sometimes make me feel anxious.
Gyrating and spinning out of control.

But sometimes when the tones of those warm colors are just right,
I feel as if I can take on the world.


Thanks for playing with me again.
All of those items are being used right now in an art journal.


Dorthe said...

Alisa, what a very ,very beautiful photo collage- I love those soft warm tones,too.

Dawn said...

What a beautiful collage....I needed these views today.

Robin Thomas said...

I just ,iced my screen.

Admission is the first step.

Dawna said...

Stopping by from Lorrie's today. What a beautiful mosaic of the colors!

Charlene said...

Sooooo pretty! Love the one where it looks like a fairy sparkle on the leaves. Have a great weekend.

Suz said...

love that, Robin.

Suz said...

Sorry Alisa! I just was looking at what Robin said. I do love it and I know you did it!!!

maureen said...

A lovely collection of images, each one captures the light in an amazing way. It does seem as though the light of autumn is especially beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link at the iStudio.
Have a great week
xo maureen

Marianne@Songbird said...

I love warm colors! I love cool colors too, I guess I like all colors except really loud ones.
Looking forward to seeing what you are creating, I have no doubt it will be beautiful.