Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Companion

Awhile back I found this book,

I have purchased a handful of embroidery books.  Each time I have had high hopes that it would be THE book that I was looking for.
Although I really wasn't sure what THE book would really consist of.

Well, I have finally found it.
A simple, to the point, well illustrated, perfectly sized, no fluff or extra un-needed words stitching instruction book.

I've known how to create basic stitches for quite awhile now and was ready to move on to some more advanced and fun stitches.
Again, this is the book.

Something I've realized with this book is that most of those seemingly difficult looking stitches are based off regular basic stitches.
They really aren't as difficult as I once thought.

So now whenever I get a chance to pick up this piece I'm working on, this book is always within my reach.

PS.  The embroidery pattern I'm working on is by Pam Garrison.  It looks like she's sold out of them though.


Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Your embroidery is beautiful, as is everything else!

Please tell me more about that gorgeous coffee mug - I love the colors and pattern!

Nina said...

So funny - I bought this book about a year or more ago and stuck it away in my craft bookshelf...definitely going to pull it out now.

Love the colors you're using - so pretty!

Robin Thomas said...

Per usual, your work is delicious.

I am glad you are stitching.

Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Race fir the Cure.

You amaze me in so many ways. Youbare always surprising me. I love that.


Charlene said...

Really cute Alisa. I love your use of colors & texture.

Dorthe said...

Oh how bright and beautiful-love it, and the sweet pattern-

Anonymous said...

Alisa, lovely book! Lovely embroidery! There are two more stitch authors you may enjoy, Erica Wilson and Judith Baker Montano. Judith has a stitch book that lies flat with ring binding. It's small and easy-to-carry on a trip.
Love the colors you're using!!
Stitching is healing and calming, isn't it.

Hugs and love,

Jillayne said...

The best books have the best illustrations! (I think that applies to cookbooks too!)
Your stitchery is lovely and colourful and likely the best medicine for you right now.
Make sure you show us when it's all done...

kandeland said...

this piece you're working on is so pretty and cheery! Happy weekend Alisa, xo

Anonymous said...

Alisa, do you know about this shop? They have LOTS of stitchery patterns! I just bought one here from Crabapple Hill.

Have fun looking!