Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ask and the Universe Will Provide

I don't do a lot of online shopping and around here I have a hard time finding antique, celluloide photo albums.
When I do find them, they are usually priced around $60 to $70.
Call me a tight-wad, but I have a hard time paying that much for something I'm going to tear apart.

The other day I got it into my head that I really, really wanted to use a photo album for my next journal.
And I'd already used the only one I had.
(Which I'm still having SO much fun playing in)

So when my brother called me the day before last to ask me to meet him for breakfast the next morning, I decided that afterward I would stop into an antique mall that I hadn't been into in awhile.

On the drive over I used my mighty brain waves and visualized a pretty, little photo album sitting in the store- in decent condition, just the right size and just the right price.

And low and behold, there it was sitting locked up in a cabinet waiting for me to find.
I sure love it when things work out!


kandeland said...

holy score!!! I couldn't find one a my antique mall. This one is so beautiful! Not only is it awesome you found one at all, but even more incredible that it was this beautiful. You will have such fun making this into a journal! xo nat

Charlene said...

Good for you!!! I love it when that happens. What's the chance???? ENJOY!!! It is a treasure for sure! Charlene

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I can't stand shopping at the mall or looking at boring retail stuff. Give me antique shops anyday!

You said you don't do much online shopping. I've found the most unique things on Ebay and Etsy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Frau S said...

You are so lucky to find this dreamy album! What a delicious score. They are definitely hard to find online under $50.

Dorthe said...

Alisa, ..I wonder , could you maybe teach me how to viasualize that much, as to bring dreams come through-LOL
Oh you had luck there,-is is a fantastic beautiful find.

Niki said...

Love the album! I've taken the class from Mary Ann and it is so much fun. I'm anxious to see the finished book.

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Don't you just love it when that happens, it'll make a great journal :)

cathyb said...

Hey - I think I have stopped by before but I actually forgot how beautiful your blog is. Do you have a subscribe link? - oh I will go take a look. How great that you have been making all the great finds! Wow -I read to a few posts back and love love the ledger you found - how lucky is that!!

I'll be by more often - I am a an obsessed journaller as well so I get it!!

Diane said...

LOL! You've been reading "The Secret" haven't you!

Beautiful find!!!

Hugs, Diane

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Oh - you lucky gal - I so want one too. I can´t aford those online eighter. What a great score.

Sandy Michelle said...

I love when that happens!! What a great score :)

Sandy xox

Leanne said...

I found a cover for $10 this past week but didn't pick it up, even though I knew it was a great deal -- I just didn't love it enough... mainly because it had been recovered, as best as I could tell, anyway...

Nina said...

It is so BEAUTIFUL!!