Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mid-Summer Update

At the beginning of June
I said this is what I would do during the summer.
And this is what has actually happened so far.

I have not really spent any time relaxing...
in fact I almost feel busier with all the family we have had and will have coming to visit
(but they are worth it)
I have listened to 4 books
(Audible is awesomness)
and have actually read one and now on the down hill side of Under the Tuscan Sun
(which I am loving)
I have not finished a single WIP
(nor even touched one)
I have not taken a single nap
(but I did come really close the other day)
I have not completed an art journal cover to cover, but at the rate I am going I might

I still have loads and loads of past photos to process in order to get caught up on my 365 photo project.
However, I am participating in Natalea's July in Photos challenge
(and am only one day behind.... at the moment)
and my other 365 project, I haven't even thought about
The only thing I've baked is a chocolate cake (from a box) for the MIL's 74th birthday
(cuz that's what she wanted... not cuz I'm a crappy DIL)
I have not cleaned out any kitchen cupboards
(but I did take everything off of the tops of them and purged)
I have not stitched a sampler
(but my fingers are SO itching to!)
I have not made a quilt
(I am still very inspired to.  Especially after seeing these blocks... though mine will not be this elaborate)

How has your summer been going?


LuLu Kellogg said...

I am so busy that I have not had time to do anything I planned this summer! I am going to take the whole month of December off to do absolutely nothing but rest and enjoy! Back to making magic!


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Wow! That was some list you made for yourself. Whether you complete it or not, sounds like you're having a very industrious summer nevertheless!


Sandy Michelle said...

Not to worry as summer isn't over yet. I love your July 2011 photos! Under the Tuscan Sun is my favorite movie of all time!

Sandy xox

A Magical Whimsy said...

I enjoyed reading your July update...I was happy that you were able to participate in the Mad Tea Party and I was able to make your blog acquaintance. I see you have been published in some Sampington publications...that is marvelous!
I love what you are creating in your journals...very lovely.
My one goal for the month of June was to participate in the Mad Tea Party...that may have been the only thing I got to do...but I did get in some naps! Our June was crazily busy with out-of-towners too...but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Cheers! We can dream about creating our WIPS! I make dolls and haven't touched them for five months! :(
Teresa in CA

Caleen said...

Well that is a big list of fun and amazing things. I love your photos. I haven't been able to finish all my projects. I have had a busy summer with my kids. I still have enough time left to try to accomplish some of them. It stays hot around here till late september. :) Just enjoy and have fun. That is what summer is to me :)

Nina said...

Oh! Me too!! I've been listening to Alice in Wonderland! I don't know but will look it up now. And, I LOVE those blocks - What beautiful fabrics!