Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Camping Vs. Glamping

Some like to camp.
Others like to glamp.

Some prefer to prepare their meals in the dirt.

Others prefer to prepare their meals on a well stocked camp kitchen.

Some like to eat their freeze dried camp food out of a bag, on their lap.

Others like to eat their cast iron skillet, camp fire cooked food on pretty enamel camp dishes, at a table.

Some prefer regular ol' roasted marshmallows.

Others prefer a perfectly roasted strawberry marshmallow nestled within the center of a brownie.

Some like to sleep on the ground in a wadded up sleeping bag.

Others like sleeping in comfort.

Both prefer to bring at least one of their pets along

and take lots of pictures.

And everybody likes having a great time.

Can you guess which I prefer?

Camping or Glamping


kandeland said...

you're the glamper I'm sure! and so would I be if I did either! your photos makes me want to go glamping though! love that one of you and the family set back behind the grass. your time looks so fun! xo

Jillayne said...

I'm with you - I had never heard of "glamping" until just this year but I know a good idea when I see one!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love those 'glamping' pix!!!!!


Suz said...

You are so cute! Glamping for sure. Me, too!

Diane said...

LOL! Neither, Alisa! Give me a nice hotel with a feather mattress, shower, push buttons, heat, maybe a fireplace....Of course, I wouldn't mind glamping in a 40 foot RV! LOL! Not on my radar though.....Right now I'll just be happy to walk anywhere without hobbling!
Hugs! Here's to the great outdoors - but not for sleeping in! I'm a big chicken!

FredaB said...

Diane and I wold camp well together at a Holiday Inn. Only camped once in a truck turned trailer with hubby and 3 children.
Last camp site was on a hill and we kept rolling around all night.

Once was enough but truthfully it does look like fun - the glamping one that is.



Charlene said...

I'm with you girl!!!!!!!!!!! We just put a down payment on a fifth wheel trailer & all I want to do is decorate.... Silly girls aren't we? Have a great week & stay warm. Can you believe this weather?

Georgianna said...

Hmm, there was a time when camping would have been fine with me but now it would definitely be glamping, especially with your pretty table. Lovely photos – I hope you are enjoying the beginning of May, Alisa! – g

Jeani said...

Nice photos....