Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Sample of Love

Back in November I told myself I was going to take a break from swaps.
No more joining any swaps for awhile...
maybe even for the whole year of 2011.

So what did I do?
You got it...

I didn't even hesitate and signed up for,
not one swap,
but two swaps
before 2011 even started.

Today I'll share the first one.

I had been wanting to do an all fabric and stitched tag for awhile
and even considered holding a fabric tag swap last year, but couldn't find the time to.
And I thought a little "love" sampler would make a cute tag.

On the back I made a little lace pocket to slip my card into, since it would have taken forever to have hand stitched all of my info.

I love, love, love the fabric I used for the back!
So much so, I considered making a skirt with it, but the Farmboy thought it would be way too over the top.  So much for that idea.
So maybe instead, I'll just pin a big swatch to the wall so I can gaze at it whenever I like.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

Have a beautiful Thursday!

PS. I'm a little slow to the punch and just yesterday realized Blogger had an updated editor.
So what do you think of my new look?



Alisa, love the new look. I've been playing with different looks as well, although not through the new editor. Hmmmmm ~ perhaps.... Your fabric tag is gorgeous! And as for that fabric on back, I think Farmboy is jealous of the skirt idea you came up with. Wouldn't be surprised if he is sporting a new skirt or ruffled dungaree pockets real soon. You might want to hide that fabric. ;) ~ Angela

Kathy Martin said...

These are super cute! :)

Charlene said...

So pretty. I signed up for Theresa EZine for thisbut, just haven't gotten around to getting any of it done. How many of these did you have to do? Stay warm. Today is a YUCKY day here in the metroplex. Charlene

Robin said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Love that lace pocket on the back too.


knitterbeader said...

Oh my, Alisa, this fabric tag is absolutely beautiful. Lucky swap partners. How clever to do a lace pocket on the back for the card. You are so talented.

Heidi said...

LOL, Alisa! I did the same thing....decided to NOT do swaps. I will confess, at times it just about kills me to not join! (Especially ones like Natalea's that you've just shown....DELIGHTFUL.)
Hugs, Heidi

natalea said...

Well let me tell you! I am SOO glad you did sign up!! those tags are absolutely GORGEOUS! everyone will be floored! I decided to only do Valentine's and Halloween swaps now, but...yeah...we'll see!
hope you are well Alisa, xo natalea

Anonymous said...

To Angela@Filigree Moon: I don't wear a skirt. It is called a kilt, and I wouldn't be caught dead sporting that print to any of my "kilt wearing" events. I do admit it might make great underwear though!! ;-)

koralee said...

These are really adorable my friend!!! makes me want to start stitching!

Friday hugs. xoxo

Georgianna said...

These are very darling, Alisa! And I didn't see your old look but your blog looks beautiful. Love your header!


Marianne@Songbird said...

Those tags are wonderful, of course. But LOL on you only now realizing that blogger has a new editor. Grin, only you....

Debe said...

Lovely tags. You are truly creative. Make a pillow with that lovely fabric! Maybe a bigger version of one of the tags?

Sandy Michelle said...

I said the same thing about joining swaps and I ended up doing 3. I LOVE the tag!!! Sandy xo

Sharon said...

Your tag is beautiful. Love the lace pocket on the back too.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Wow, I love these, too. Such great design.