Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Gilded Gathering

This past weekend I attended
A Gilded Life event.

I'm not sure that "gilded" is really strong enough of a word.
But what I do know, is that these two women, Debbie and Shea, were definitely cut from the same bolt of velvet that I was cut from, when it comes to the importance of the little things.

Their attention to detail is truly amazing and inspiring.

Although I didn't get any photos of the classes,
I did capture a little of their world.

So step through the looking glass with me, into the wondrous and beautiful world of the Gilded Girls.



Suz said...

So beautiful. Someday I want to be a gilded girl, too. Sounds like a wonderful event and I LOVe attention to detail. You took beautiful pictures, too.
P.S. Robin Thomas and I are having a jewelry giveaway, in case you are interested!

Suzie Button said...

Alisa, Beautiful images! Your camera style is truly, well, gilded! I agree also, it was just wonderful! Suzie

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Alisa, Looks so beautiful....Great photography!

Robin Thomas said...

Your photographs are so very lovely Alisa.

I would say you are all cut from Top-Shelf Velvet...

Diane said...

Gorgeous! Truly dripping with gorgeousness!
PS: Word Verification is:

Sandy Michelle said...

Wish I were there! The decor is just lovely! Have a great Halloween!

Sandy xox

Marianne@Songbird said...

Such beautiful pictures. Sigh, big sigh!!

Charlene said...

It truly is a Gilded Life when you are there isn't it? I ADORE time spent there. It was great to see you again. Although... we didn't get to talk much. Your photos are beautiful. Have a great weekend & safe Halloween. Charlene

Dorthe said...

Hi Alisa,
what a wonderfull companionship-love your name --and your beautifull photoes, so full of guilted beauties.
Hugs, Dorthe