Monday, August 9, 2010

Lady Lucillia Whitelake

Back in the late 18th century, in the South-East of England, there lived an Earl.
The Earl of Whitelake.
He owned a vast expanse of land, know as Whitelake Downs.
The Earl had five children.
The older four all boys.

The youngest, a daughter.

Lady Lucillia Whitelake.
Those closest to her called her Lucie.

As you can imagine, being both the only girl of the family, as well as the youngest, Lucie was doted upon by everyone of the estate.

Despite the attentions she received, Lucie was as sweet as one could find, from the top of her tiara to the tips of her daintily slippered feet.

Lucie enjoyed the outdoors and spent much of her time roaming the estate.

Some days she could be found walking the wooded trails or collecting wildflowers from the meadows.

But most often one would find Lucie picnicking, taking tea or reading under her favorite apple tree down by the south pond.

Lucie's life was one of love and happiness.


And I am just tickled pink with her!
I created Lucie in Colleen Moody's class at The Gilded Nest event.
When I grow up, I want to be Colleen Moody.... okay, maybe I can just be a doll maker.
I can't wait to show you the AMAZING doll I purchased from Colleen.
The Farmboy raised an eyebrow, but I know y'all will love her as much as I do!


Charlene said...

I saw you in some of the photos on Jessi's post. Looks like you guys had so much fun. I adore Luci!!! You did an amazing job on her but, of course you would... everything you do is amazing. I hated missing the event but, that was the weekend Hubby had his heart cath done & I just couldn't leave him. Surgery is soon & I can't wait for this to be over & him to start healing so I get my life back. Can't wait to see your new doll. HUGS! Charlene

Little Pink Studio said...

She's just beautiful, and you did a wonderful job! I love her story too. :)
I'm hoping one of these days to take a class from Colleen!

Julie said...

Alisa, you did such an amazing job! She's beautiful!

The French Bear said...

Wonderful!!!! I love her, she is so precious! How I would love to take Colleen's doll classes, any of them! I have her Magee doll, and I love her!
Beautiful job! She turned out so pretty, you did excellent with the sculpting!
Margaret B

Dorthe said...

Oh my, how sweet is she, I love your Luci, --thanks for showing, dear.
xo Dorthe

TinyBear said...

ooh how cute is she. You have done a great job on her Alisa. I can´t wait to see the doll you bought - I love Colleens dolls. Can´t wait to see more from you eighter.
Wishing you a wonderful creative day
xo Tina

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Lady Lucillia is as beautiful as her name!

Katsui Jewelry said...

How adorable. I am just dropping my jaw. She has such personality, Alisa.

Guess what...I am making sachets. And who make the best sachet I know? YOU!!!


Kelly said...

She is the most adorable thing ever! I wish I had one! XD

FredaB said...

She is just gorgeous and are clothes are really something. I love the way you have added the tatting and laces. Great job.

knitterbeader said...

I love Luci and her cute story! You continue to amaze me with your talent.

Pilar said...

I love Lucie!!! She's so beautiful. Congratulations!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love the story and your little Lucy is very cute indeed.

Caleen said...

Oh. How fun. You did an amazing Job. I love the story and love what you created. Can't wait to see what you bought. So great!

Robin Thomas said...

Oh Alisa. Can my bird work for your bird? Those are my favorite colors, that blue with pomegranite. She is delicious.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll

aaawww your doll is amazing.
you did such a great job!!!
it was so nice to see you again

Debe said...

My goodness!!! Lucie turned out to be absolutely ravishing and I love her back story! You truly create some of the very loviest things. My bird girl is still waiting on me to shop for more lace...she seems very patient. Enjoyed that weekend!! Sitting on those steps for two hours + was even fun...tell the Farmboy 'bout those guns & all you learned??


Alisa...I am catching up on your posts and read the one about your purchase of Colleen's doll. If this one that you created had caught my eye, I know the same thing would have happened to me...your styling and color choice and personality you have given this doll is stunningly beautiful! Just the perfect amount of enchantment, and your story is wonderfully told. You have outdone yourself! Methinks Farmboy was just winking at this creation, being secretly enchanted. ~ Angela

kandeland said...

I just absolutely ADORE her Alisa! she is must be thrilled with her! What a fabulous opportunity to take a Colleen Moody class. Just wonderful!
xoxo natalea

Nina said...

I love her! She is so sweet!

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