Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun

Sometimes all one needs is...

a kiddie pool,
a rubber ladybug
a little, white pig.


I know it's been awhile since I shared anything artsy.
I have been artsy, but everything I've been working on can't be or isn't at a stage to share just yet.
But I'm going here this weekend, so next week I hope to have some lovely creations to show you!
Have a beautiful Wednesday.


Suz said...

Your dog is adorable. I love that picture...such joy.
You are so lucky to be going to that workshop! I can't wait to see what you will create and I know it will be wonderful. You seem to excel in every art area.

Do you remember the sachet you made me (which I love)? Because of that beautiful piece, I am going to be in the sachet swap at Silver Bella. At first I couldn't think of any beautiful design but your but now I have my own idea! I love your sachet. So simple but the colors are so perfect.

Thanks for your kind words about my little medical crisis.I am feeling better but so slow in getting my energy back. I spose those old lungs don't recover like they used to!


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Hi Alisa! Awwww, your doggy is adorable!! That workshop looks fantastic! Lucky you! I can't wait to see your creation!

Julie said...

I do love a good dip in the kiddie pool. ;-D Have fun this weekend!

Privet and Holly said...

Alisa! This sounds like
a fantastic opportunity
and I'm sure YOU will make
the most of it : ) Your
pic is so cute ~ it's true,
takes so little to make
them happy. Now, if we
could still say the same
about our kids! xx Suzanne
PS: Hope you get a big
hug from your son before
you go....please tell me
they still dispense hugs
even if there is a girl
in the picture???!

Sandy Michelle said...

Too cute! I would like to join in this Friday's 'Friday's Flowers' please :)

Sandy xox

knitterbeader said...

Have a wonderful time in Texas - sounds like a fun and artsy time!!!


Alisa, first - I love your little piggy dog! So cute, and so happy!!! Second...have a great time at "the church" this weekend. Looking so forward to seeing what you create! ~ Angela