Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"There Is a Place."

"Like no place on Earth.
A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!"
~the Mad Hatter

Okay, so the only danger, for me anyway, is that I'm so intrigued that I can't seem to leave in a timely manner to go take care of the things I need to be taking care of.

It's a place called Plays With Needles.

If you have the slightest interest in Alice In Wonderland and/or sewing, stitching, beading, crazy quilts, then you must go see Susan.

DMC asked her to create an Alice In Wonderland crazy quilt block, using their products.

Everytime I go take a look at the newest layer she has added, my jaw hits the floor.

After you have awed over this amazing piece, slip over to her Flickr and take a peep at her bead work.... OMG!

(all photos belong to Plays With Needles)



Alisa, thank you for sharing the links to Susan's work. Truly fascinating. ~ Angela

TinyBear said...

This is so amazing - Thanks for sharing.
xo Tina

Sandy Michelle said...

That's cool!I love the tiny tea settings in the last picture! Thanks for sharing the info!

Sandy xox

Plays with Needles said...

OK Alisa! We might have to join the mutual admiration society! Your blog is right up my alley and I just had to add you to my reader! I'm so glad you're having fun in Wonderland with me!

Charlene said...

OH MY!!!!!!!! I went to see & fell into her world of wonder!!! Thank you for sharing. I LOVE IT! Charlene

Anna Patricia said...

WHOA!!!! My sister and I are awestruck with the pictures!

Allie said...

What a cool site! I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and my summer project this year is to start doing some needle work. Thank you for the continued inspiration, Alisa!!!

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