Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Right Now

I am enjoying...

vases of flowers

listening to the Mockingbird sing in the mornings

thinking about making jewelry


sitting in the sunshine

What are you enjoying right now?


Lori said...

i am actually in a very bad mood right now...there may be a post about it coming soon...but, your lovely pictures have calmed me down a bit...thanks Alisa!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

I am enjoying listening to the Robins sing and reading books on Art Studios :)

Sandy xox


Alisa, beautiful post and photos...such pretty colors! ~ Angela

Diane said...

Our mockingbirds haven't returned yet, Alisa. I miss the whipporwills and bobwhites that we used to hear all the time when we lived in another state. But we have a family of crows that returns every year and they are hysterical as we listen to them talking to one another. But the robins are back and the cardinals never left. Of course, the blue jays have quite a repertoire of different calls - another sound that makes us laugh.
Isn't spring wonderful!
Hugs, Diane

Robin Thomas said...

Yummmmm, your photos are so delicious.

Caleen said...

Love your photos.. You are getting so good. Love all the images.. I love all those special things you are doing. It was a beauitful day today. I crafted, sat in the sun, played with my Grandson, spent a few hours with my Sister and she gifted me with material :).. It has been a great day..

cindy said...

chillin after spending the day at the Dallas Arboretum! It was fab! Love what you were doing as well!

yapping cat

tina... said...

I am enjoying a few minutes of quiet while the little ones snooze. Next, I'll be enjoying some tea and The Locator.

I just love your photos, Alisa! I'll bet you'll make some lovely jewelery, too :)