Friday, February 12, 2010

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Isn't the snow beautiful!? Life is beautiful when covered in pretty white, right? I fully expect a blog posting from you on this! When I say "expect" I mean "hope for"!

LOL! Probably won't happen. That requires going out in it and leaving the warmth of my fireplace and pig! But yes, it is beautiful!

Oh, you don't have to go out in it, but you're so good at painting a warm comfy winter picture of inside sugglies.

LOL! Thanks!

This is what we were doing at the time...

See the little pig ear peeking out?

However, little, white, arctic pigs can't snuggle all day without needing a potty break. So we bundled up and out we went.

That's when "lil' eesa" emerged. (Not that it takes a whole lot for that to happen, mind you.) I thought about making snow angles, eating handfuls of the white stuff and building a snowman.

So I made a bird...

I was going for Mourning Dove, but it chose to be a Chicken instead.

This morning, after a record breaking snowfall here in North Texas (we have about a foot at our house) the back garden had become a magical, winter wonderland.

Stay warm wherever you may be!


Marianne@Songbird said...

The snow is beautiful, but I am yearning for signs of spring by now. I am sure when spring comes around you will be very inspired too, can't wait for that.


Beautiful photo of your backyard! Crazy snow, huh? I ventured out for photos yesterday, but today...too cold. ~ Angela

Charlene said...

Adorable! So pretty but, poor little creatures trying to do their business in this stuff is not cute. My puppy about fell over trying to walk out in it. Love the snow bird. Bummer that tonight was canceled. Hope she will reschedule it.

And yes, I saw the crown Debbie made. DIVINE! Stay warm. Charlene

Julie said...

Oh, that's beautiful! Last weekend we got a nasty mix of slushy snow and rain. Yuck! I'll just have to enjoy the sight of yours.

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Yay! It's every bit as wonderful as I had hoped for (and humorous, too!) Lovely picture of the garden and your snow bird (aka Cackling Poulltry With Guns in the Winter). Love this post!

natalea said...

it's crazy that you're in Texas and have more snow than we have in Buffalo! I'm jealous!
have a great weekend, xo nat

Sandy Michelle said...

That's a lot of snow! Happy Heart Day Alisa! Enjoy the snuggly indoors!

Samndy XOX

Allie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Alisa! Hope you are staying snuggly warm inside. What's the story behind your little pig friend? How did I miss that? Loved the little pink ear <3