Thursday, December 17, 2009

She Just Can't Stop

...crafting Christmas decorations, that is! And I still need to get my Christmas cards made and mailed... ack!

Here is another project from Teresa's 12 Days e-zine.

A front door hanging, but I have put mine just inside my front door. I didn't really vary too far from her original design. But I did use different materials than she did... fabric, fringe and left over bits of this and that.

Like I said, I still need to get my Christmas cards done, but I SO want to make one of these! Oh my word! I think it's just gorgeous and would look so lovely hanging on the mirror above my dining room sideboard.
And also, I want to finish my Lineage of Love garland that I started in Pam Garrison's class, so I can hang it up too.

But, alas... I'm off to get those cards started! Have a beautiful day!


Sandy Michelle said...

I love Teresa's ideas! That paper wreath tutorial is way cool too! Have fun putting together the final touches for Christmas!

Sandy xox

knitterbeader said...

Love the violin decorations. Looked at the e-zine site and have bookmarked it to subscribe to it next year. Hope you're going to finish up soon so you can sit back and relax. (what's that?) I need to get my cards out this weekend.

Caleen said...

I just love all your creations.. So beautiful. I joined Teresa's Ezine and haven't made anything yet. :( I love the Joy hanging you made. I would love to make some for friends. I love the garland to instead of the wreath.. Really great.. The boxes you made are lovely too.. I wish we could craft together.. You would really motivate me.. I really want to keep making things but, have only one day since the kids last day of school is tomorrow :( So, fun things to make next year.. Happy Holidays!

Elizabeth said...

I wish some of your decorating mojo would rub off on me. I am going sort of minimalist with the decorating this year. I love what you are doing!!! I will just have to store away some ideas for next year!! Merry Christams!!
I ahven't started my cards either but I am putting DH to work tomorrow with some cut and paste production work. Be careful when you take a day off around the holidays , dear!!! :)

tina said...

Mine were mailed off today, but I would've much rather of been doing Christmas a la Alisa. :)

Anonymous said...

Who would think!! And why not! Violins! And why not almost any every-day kind of thing jazzed up with holiday embellishments! So cool and clever!

Anonymous said...
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