Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Last Two

You aren't going to believe this.

I woke up to snow falling. That's right, I said SNOW! Here! It was really pretty... the rooftops were all white.

Of course it's all melted now, but it was nice while it was here.

I have my last two Silver Bella swaps to share with you today.

First up is the A to Z swap. I showed you mine in this post, well, here they are all together.

Pretty cool, huh? Amanda, the hostess, put all of hers on a painted canvas and then had us all sign our names under our cards. I had originally planned on putting all of mine on a canvas too, but now I'm not sure that I have any room to hang it. So, they may all just go into my ATC binder.
Here is a list of all of the artists:
A - Amy Powers
B - Suzanne Duda
C - Cari Kraft
D - Denise Nelson
E & K - Amanda Willey
F & T - Vicki Flinchum
G - Mendy Mitrani
H - Heather Ales
I - Ida Mae Couch
J - Wanda Clark
L - Bianca Gaspard
M & U - Susie Vergenz
N - Me
O - Lori Oles
P - Wendy Robrecht
Q - Julie Baxley
R - Barbara Mooney
S - Lisa Thompson
V - Valita Baxley
W - Peggy Lucas
X - Christine Hutcherson
Y - Stephanie Oyler
Z - Princess Lasertron

The last swap I have to show you, is the finished Rebecca Sower Inspired Apron.

Here are some close ups... sorry for the blur.

Elizabeth Shea, Shannon Johnson, Julie Baxley and mine.

Carol Ryan, Heather Ales, Sheila Rumney, Mollie MaCabe, Melissa Danner, Sharon Giordano.

Stacy McGinnis, Cynthia Flores, Sandra Marotti.

Whew, there's a lot of linkage happenin' here today.

So that's it for the swaps. Next up the class projects.

Have a beautiful day!


knitterbeader said...

Those aprons are absolutely beautiful. Surely too pretty to wear while cooking. Nice work!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Those aprons ARE trully lovely. I enjoyed looking at all the little details added in. I had heard thru another blog about the snow in TX. Unbelievable. I wonder if it means we are all in for a crazy-weather winter this year. Have a good weekend, Alisa, hugs, Debby

Elly said...

Both the swaps are great! I love the apron!
No snow here (we hardly have snow here), but a lot of rain. Lovely weather to stay at home, and make things cosy!

tina said...

Wow!!! I'm speechless at the crafts-womanship here! It's gorgeous, Alisa.

My brother in EL PASO got snow & we still haven't here in Albuquerque! How crazy is that?!

Tiedupmemories said...

Those cards are awesome and the apron...Wow! I love it! Beautiful!Did you capture your snow on film? We sometimes get it too..the kids love it. I grew up north in probably the city which accumulates the most snow in the US..I don't really miss it.A light dusting is pretty though!


Swirls of snow here too, just not sticking to anything! Aprons are so pretty. Sounds like you are doing well and that's greattttt!!! ~ Angela

Diane said...

Oh, Alisa, the apron is like a sampler! Much too pretty to wipe one's hands on, but lovely to wear at a special get-together just to show it off! Beautiful!!!

If you make the angels' wings that I was inspired to create from the cieldorage blog, please let me know so I can see yours!! I had so much fun creating mine! Everyone's will take a different twist!

I will definitely be making more candle 'bracelets' for gifts this year! So special but little cost!

Thank you for your comments and it's always lovely to see you posting!

A Nest With A View said...

I could hardly even look at those dang aprons at Silver Bella, they were too beautiful. Yes, that is such a thing to me.

That's really nice for you to do all those links.

I heart Silver Bella.

cindy said...

Both are wicked cool. But I really like the alpha cards. Each persons personality comes through. What a fun swap!

yapping cat

Marianne@Songbird said...

Oh How I wish I could go to Silber Bella. All of these after Bella posts are really making me long for it. I love the Rebecca Sower inspired aprons. She makes the best stuff. I have just received Somerset Studio with her featured in it.

TinyBear said...

oh - what great swaps. Love your apron - it´s so pretty.
Wish I could go to Silver Bella too

Lori said...

oh my!!! that apron is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous...i love every little detail of it!!!

Lori said...

ps: you must be getting the snow usually reserved for me...we haven't really had much here yet...just a few flakes blowing can keep it:)

Nina said...

So envious of both of your swaps!! I would love to have them!! Thank you for posting the pics - they are gorgeous!

the wild raspberry said...

i love that apron! it is sooooo adorable~~
have a wonderful cozy winter day.....

Mary Wadsworth said...

Wow those cards are so cool, I love them grouped they compliment each other so well.The apron is lovely way to pretty for cooking.


Caleen said...

Really love your swaps.. So fun.. Love the Apron.. Really beautiful.. I can't believe it was snowing.. How fun.. Have a great weekend.

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

I love, love, love that apron. I am still kicking myself for not signing up for that swap. :( so sad. LOL see you in a week!

I need to e-mail you... are you bringing a gift for the hostess?
xoxo, Joanna

Sandy Michelle said...

WOW what a fabulous ATC swap and that apron is gorgeous! I hope you get well soon so that you can enjoy the snow- or what's left of it :)

Sandy xox