Saturday, October 10, 2009

September ATCs

Sweet! That was our theme and this is what we came up with...


The little lolli is made of strips of pink and white crepe paper, that she twisted and then twisted together. There's some sparkle on top, but it's hard to tell in this photo. (Mr. Sun, please come out!) I love the tulle coming out of the top of the card.

The tag that the sweet little image is on, smells soooo good! She dyed it in vanilla flavored coffee. In fact, the whole ATC smells good, not just because of the coffee dyed tag, but she also packaged them with some strawberry Whoppers. And on a side note, if you have any strawberry Whoppers, eat a couple while having a cup of coffee... it made my morning! ;)


How sweet is this?! There are a lot of techniques going on here. Gessoing, watercolors, stamping and that sweet little cupcake and doll... every single bit of it has been pieced together.

I wanted to show you the paper on the back. I think it's so cute! Cheryl tied her cards to the tops of little boxes of chocolates... yum! I kept them hidden from the Farmboy, so I didn't have to share them. Bad, I know! Don't tell him.


Misty went a completely different direction with her cards, than the rest of us. She used some very cool Tim Holtz products... grungeboard, crackle paint and that mossy stuff. I don't know what it's called, but it's cool. Reminds me of lichen.


This is what I needed those milk caps for.

And those little white posies. Strawberries and Cream! I cut a hankie into fourths and then each one, to the size and shape I needed. Sewed on a bit of white burlap and then the strawberry image. Which, I got from Ranjini. She shares some of the best images! I toned down the yellow background color a bit in photoshop before printing them out.

Vintage label for my info on the back.

I packaged them into vintage ice cream boxes and added a vintage strawberry to the top of each.

I have everything gathered to start my October ATCs. I'm really excited about those, but I have to finish my paper dolls first. I'll share those in the next post.

Have a beautiful weekend!


cindy said...

Everybody did an awesome job, but yours had me at the red and white! And those cute little strawberries and milk caps...adorable! :D

yapping cat

the wild raspberry said...

soooo all the vintage items you used!
for some reason my tummy started grumbling as i was reading your post...hmmmm.
have a wonderful day

Mary Wadsworth said...

Wow everyone's turned out great.
But yours are so sweet I can't stand it:)I know I have said this before but you have such a gift for gathering
and an eye for assemblage!
Love it:)

Lori said...

Alisa, the packaging you did for your ATCs is so cute and full of imagination...they look like the sweetest little presents...i love it!!!

Stephanie said...

Alisa they are all adorable and I especially love all the pink.

Yours is so sweet with the milk caps and the red zig zag, too cute!!


Super cute one and all! ~ Angela

Charlene said...

Those are sooooooooo cute! Love the use of the hankie! Those tiny flowers worked out perfect too. Thanks for sharing.

icandy... said...

These are just beautiful.... and sooo sweet!