Friday, October 16, 2009

Ruffled Crepe

I am a procrastinator. I am easily intimidated by techniques and tools. These two personality glitches can cause me trouble at times.

This is the story of the Ruffled Crepe.

Yesterday I was coming to the end of a project. It needed one last item for it to be complete. Tea dyed ruffled crepe.

I had a bit left from a class I took from Ann-Denise, but it wasn't enough. I knew she had some for sell at a local shop, so I headed over there. Wouldn't ya know it... someone purchased the only package of white tea dyed crepe, that had been sitting in that basket for over a month, last Saturday.

That's okay, I think to myself. Ann-Denise told us how to ruffle our own.

When I returned home I pulled out my white crepe paper, set it on the table and proceeded to stare at it for 10 minutes. (it's no wonder it takes me forever to complete things)

Finally, I think, "I can do this."

I spent the next 5 minutes trying to figure out how to increase the tension on my sewing machine. Oops, it was right there on the front of the machine, the whole time... at eye level.

After a few tries, I started to get the hang of it and made a nice long piece of ruffled crepe. But it was all white and I really wanted the edges (just the edges) to have a lovely tea dyed aging to it.

Well, that's no biggie. Last spring, after months of procrastinating an attempt at tea dying, I finally jumped in and did it. I do it all the time now.

I set up a dying station and once my tea bath was ready, I plopped my crepe in.

It sunk to the bottom of the bowl... not real sure what I was thinking there... of course it would sink and become a sodden ball of mess. I left it to soak anyway.

After a bit, I pulled it out, squished it between some towels and left it to air dry.

I know I told you that I'm a procrastinator, but did I also tell you that I'm impatient?

I couldn't wait, so I gently unraveled my glop of crepe and turned my hair dryer on to it.

As it started drying it became crinkly and crunchy. And I gotta say, even though it didn't look as I had intended it to, I'm really please with the outcome!

I have a feeling there is going to be more crinkly-crunchy crepe ruffles in my future.


Now, can I just tell you, that you ladies are absolutely the BEST ever!!! Thank you so much for all of your encouraging and lovely comments on my paper dolls! I'm not feeling as nervous about them anymore. Thank You!!!


tina said...

LOL!!! I always ♥ your posts, Alisa! Your project turned out GORGEOUS!!! I'm drooling over that ruffled, tea dyed crepe. YUM!!!

BTW after your post about contemplating the uses for the lining in your son's shirt, I've unabashedly considered tearing apart several pieces of perfectly good clothing. ;)

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

LOL! Alisa- I know why now I like you so much! We are SO alike... I too, take FOREVER to get going on something I'm intimidated by... (thus why I come here to visit, and not work on my SB swaps) but, I too, have found a thrill in what becomes of it! So go figure... ;) I LOVE how the ruffled crepe came out! GREAT job! Denise would be so proud! ;) And I'm loving all your little projects you've been working on lately.... Oh those days! I am enjoying the SB swaps, but, alas, I'm stressed to a T! ;) I sure can't wait for SB...
Lots of hugs,

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I would have stared at the crepe forever trying to figure out how to much less the doing part! It turned out beautiful!

Diane said...

This is so pretty Alisa! Especially since it's not just "pleated" but it softened by looking even more ruffly after you dipped it in tea! Beautiful effect!

6p00e54f6fc1cb8833 said...

I just found your blog and I am pleased to know I am not the only one that procrastinates and is intimidated by the process sometimes. I often put off starting a new project as I find a blank canvas so intimidating. How do we ever get anything done.

TinyBear said...

I love your crepe ruffle Alisa
It looks fantastic. Love that color too.

Nina said...

I love it!! It looks gorgeous - You are so amazing!

natalea said...

you did it! great job with the crepe!
That crown is spectacular Alisa.
Have a happy weekend, xo natalea

Mary Wadsworth said...

Alisa this is so pretty, I have been wanting to learn how to ruffle crepe paper. Thanks for sharing the hair dryer tip:)

Sandy Michelle said...

I wish I had time to make my own crepe. Yours turned out so nice!

Stephanie said...

Well it sure turned out amazing, and a job very well done!! I am a procrastinator as well.

Robin said...

This turned out great. I love the texture and color of your crepe paper!

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Oh wow. I totally DIG that ruffly crinkly crepe. I love the serendipitous surprises we sometimes create. That's how I felt about my burned edges on the cake liners! It looks awesome. Can't wait to see it up close and personal.

cindy said...

LOVE the way the ruffled crepe turned very awesome!

yapping cat

Charlene said...

Love how it turned out! I need to learn to do that too. I can't wait to see all your swap stuff from SB. ~ Charlene