Friday, August 21, 2009

Whoo Hoo!

I received fabulous news yesterday... my biopsy results came back.
No cancer. No pre-cancerous cells. No dysplasia.

It's funny... we were all pretty sure everything was fine and I didn't think I was worried about it at all, but the relief I felt really took me by surprise!

Now I have to wait two months and then it's a hysterectomy for me. Which kind of works out, in that I can get all of my Silver Bella swaps completed and I can build my blood count back up before surgery. However, it also doesn't work out, as recovery time is going to intrude upon Silver Bella. The plan at this point is to talk to my doctor and see if I can't just wait until SB is over with. *Crossing my fingers*

Anyway, I was so pleased, I thought I would share!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


luckygirlgifts said...

OH, that is such fantastic, amazing news. I am so happy for you.
Hopefully you can push your surgery back to after Silver Bella.
Have a fantastic weekend.
Cari B.

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Thank the Lord!!! That is WONDERFUL News!! Whew!! I'm so happy I could just dance!!! Wonderful...I have been waiting to hear this great news all day! God Bless you Alisa!!

tina said...

PRAISE the GOOD LORD, Alisa!!! I hope you can make Silver Bella so I can live vicariously through you :)

knitterbeader said...

So glad to hear everything's okay. God works in wonderful ways.
Darlene (prior owner of the vintage card scrapbook)

TinyBear said...

That is SO great news Alisa. I´m so happy for you. I hope it will work out for you with the Silver Bella.
have a lovely weekend.

Rachel said...

Wonderful News!!! I hope it all works out for you so you can join everyone for Silver Bella!

Ingeborg said...

Well that is wonderful news for you! Stay this happy. Happiness is our best medicin!

Blessings from the Netherlands,
Ingeborg :)

Lori said...

that's wonderful Alisa!!!

Wanda said...

That is wonderful news, Alisa. Hey, if your doctor gives you a hrad time...I'm pretty sure that all us Bellas would drop everything and send hand-decorated letters telling him/her the importance of crafting. All you have to do is give the word. :)

the wild raspberry said...

terrifically wonderful fabulous news!
enjoy your weekend to the fullest~

ANestWithAView said...

Glad to hear that good news. I wish you well. Regarding your surgery...I think you will never miss what's missing!

Be well.

Charlene said...

OH GOOD!!!! It is always wonderful to get new like this. I am thrilled for you. And take it from one who knows, after this is all behind you... you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner! After mine I thought "I knew I was sick but, didn't realize how sick I was" And you will get stronger fast! Do the happy dance girlfriend!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

That is fantastic news! I know how hard the wait can be for results cuz my sister had breast cancer and waiting for her results kept us all on pins and needles. Her news was not so good, but her recent check up showed she is cancer free, and THAT was good news!! Anyway, thanks so much for your recent comment. It has been a while since I have been around to visit with everyone and it seems that I have been missing out on some not-so-good-news, and some fantastic creative pictures on your blog. Love all the things you have been making of late. Anyway, again, I am so glad to hear that your tests were negative, no cancer!!! In todays world anyone getting that kind of news should share it with the rest of us, cuz we all need that hope that NOT everyone has cancer!!! Debby

Leanne said...

So glad for your good news! Hope the doctor is cooperative!

treasurefield said...

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!" (Isaiah 52:7)

That is so great to hear! Blessings for you, your family, your doctors, and all you do!
~alisa R.

Sandy Michelle said...

I'm so happy and relieved for you girl!!!!Phew!


Elly said...

That's great news!!!!!!!! What a relieve! I hope you can enjoy Silver Bella!
Have a lovely week!
Hugs, Elly

Allie said...

Alisa! What wonderful news!!! I know you must be feeling like such a load has been lifted from your spirit. Take care of yourself, rest, and get strong so that you can endure the surgery with no problems. You are in my prayers.

gina g said...

Thank God!

Margaret said...

great news Alisa, I'm so happy for you! now you've just gotta work on the Doc, how about telling him your mental recoverey will be so much better if you have the glory of SB to think back on! all the best Mx

Hope Ellington said...

Hi Alisa~
I am so happy to hear that the results are good. I can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella and I know it will work out for you to attend. You are in my prayers...happy creating!

Caleen said...

That is wonderful news!! I am happy for you. What a relief.. I hope you are able to postpone your, you can enjoy silver bella.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hurray, this wonderful news I am so glad you are well. May God continue to bless you!

Many blessings,

Sue said...

What wonderful news! I am really happy for you, and hope to see you at Silver Bella.

Take Care and get your strength back.

Sue E.

Lori said...

Blessed is the day wonderful news!! Lori

cindy said...

That is wonderful, wonderful news indeed! I'm so very glad (and) happy for you!!!!!


Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Glad to hear all is well, my friend! :) Yes, cross your fingers about the rest. Don't want you missing the biggest party ever. Keep me posted. hugs, Joanna

Linda said...

This is such great news! I'm very happy for you. Surely you can wait til after SB for surgery! Then you will be able to sit and rest and do all your SB stuff you didn't finish.

Suz said...

Just a little Silver Bella freshman here, lurking and wanting to let you know how glad I am that you will be there. I can understand somewhat because I have a father-in-law in medical crisis and I am just hoping he will hold his own and get better, He is a wonderful man and I am afraid he will intrude on Silver Bella. Such a hard situation. I am just so excited about SB but would do anything I could for "Dad Reaney."

Get well hugs,
Suz (Susan Reaney)