Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paper Cowgirl

Wow! Last week just blew right by me. I had intended to post about Paper Cowgirl on Monday, a week from yesterday, but like I said... whooosh!

How about a photo overview?

Ann-Denise teaching her crepe magic.

My finished project from her class.

Dale teaching Nature's Song Shadow Box class.

A peek at my un-finished shadow box.

My girls and I on vendor night. (Donna, Nina, Cheryl and me) There was a "saloon girl" theme and Nina won best costume.

I joined two swaps for PC... Miss Texas Crown Swap and a Texas Fabric Fat Book Swap.

Joanna made this wonderful fabric crown for me. All of the elements are handstiched on.

Here is what I created for Cindy.

Queen of the Yapping Cat Saloon.

And the Saloon Girl crown, itself.

Side view. That bit of black lace is from Wanda's unmentionables stash.

Valita hosted the Fabric Fat Book and did an AMAZING job of putting it together.

Here is my contribution to the book.

I bought this little darling from Ann-Denise. Loved her so much, I snatched her right out of Nina's hand. I'm such a terrible friend!

There was more to the weekend, but that seems to be where I stopped taking pictures. Probably because quite a bit of shopping ensued from this point on and unfortunately I had a hand for carrying purchases and a hand for paying. Going to have to look into getting a third hand for picture taking.

I hope everyone here in the States had a wonderful 4th of July!


Lori said...

Alisa, it looks like you had a wonderful time...your class projects are wonderful...i LOVE that wee doll, i don't blame you one little bit for snatching her out of someone's hand!!!

Wanda said...

That was the best use of unmentionables lace I've seen so far...a saloon gal's crown...perfect. :)

TinyBear said...

Looks like you had a great time Alisa.
I just LOVE your shadow box - SOOOO beautiful - I would love to be able make a shadow box like that.
Hugs, Tina

Mary Wadsworth said...

Wow, I love the heart pillow you did an awesome job. Looks like such a good time, thanks for sharing.

Have a great week:)

cindy said...

May I first say....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my crown! It (and it's wonderful tag) have a place of honor on my shelf above my desk in the studio...I can peep at it or don it as the mood requires! LOL. Thank you so much...I am not worthy! :D

Was it not the best? Truly? I'm still on a creative high...missing all y' was just the best weekend. Just sitting in the lobby that afternoon, chatting about creativity...wicked cool. So tickled to finally get to meet all y'all, that was the best part!

yapping cat (queen!)...LOL

Viv (VivLyn) said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great time and I love all your creations! The shadow box is my favorite! Great job!!

shabbyscraps said...

wow, that looks like a lot of fun! love all the creations!
xoxo, Tiffany

Sandy Michelle said...

What a fun event! I would have snatched up that pretty doll too!

Elly said...

OMG....!!!! Everything looks sóó gorgeous! The shadowbox, the pillow, the crown, the little doll and above all: the book!!!!!! I wish I could have been there!

Charlene said...

Thanks for sharing all your photos. I had wanted to go to Paper Cowgirl but, that was the week we scheduled our trip to California. Hard to be in two places at the same time. Looks like you had a blast!

Margaret said...

oh swoon, what a divine post!! love the eye candy, the shadow box is especially fab! M

natalea said...

Alisa! I LOVE your projects! that heart is wonderful and the shadow box is awesome!! Looks like those classes were really fabulous!
xo natalea