Saturday, May 9, 2009

April ATCs

It's ATC time again! As usual, we just took the month itself, as the theme. Here are all of the different interpretations of "April"...

April's Queen.

Nina's ATC was presented in this lovely Spring green cone, edged in velvet and nestled in pink shred.

I love the layering of floral images on top of the "queen", as well as, the pretty lady herself.

April's Fool.

I know... you're scratching your head, right? Donna cracks me up. So Donna shows up with a small brown shopping bag. She looks into it and says, "Oh no! I grabbed the wrong bag!" And then proceeds to pull out a drink, some chocolate in a baggie and a box of MucinexD. We are all sharp enough, that by this point we've caught on and are cracking up.

I got the "chocolate" and the "fool" inside was fantastic! Probably my favorite of Donna's so far.

April Showers Bring May Flowers... May Queen.

Cheryl's ATCs were prestented to us in these darling little, satin heart shaped baskets that she altered and filled with roses.

Cheryl always does the most amazing layering. And she even created her background with her own handwriting... a poem by Tennyson (I think she said). I also like how she incorporated a bit of May into the card as well. Next month we aren't doing ATCs. We're gonna shake things up a bit and try something different.

Flower Fairies.

These are mine. This is what the front of each card looked like... my version of a garden gate. Behind each gate was a different fairy in a her garden and I presented them in a "garden", as well. These were inspired by Cicely Mary Barker's Fairyopolis.

The Bindweed Fairy and her song. (photos by Nina Little)

The Fuchsia Fairy and her song. (photos by Donna Garcia)

The Canterbury Bell Fairy and her song. (photos by Cheryl Bass)

As always, it was fun and created new challenges for me.

I'm off to putter in the garden before the rain comes again. And I wish all of you mamas a most beautiful day Sunday!


Jenny Fowler said...

Oh I love all of those atcs! You all did such a great job! They are all so lovely and unique.

tina said...

GORGEOUS, Alisa!!! I so love Cicely Mary Barker (sigh!)

TinyBear said...

oh - those ATCs are so lovely - all of they. So creative. I love how you make the 'door' for yours and that aprils fool are georgeous.
Tina x

Polka Dot Moon said...

I am in awe! They are works of art!! Simply beautiful!


Happy Mother's Day!!

(come check out today's giveaway!!)

Wanda said...

I love the ATCs you made. I love interactive ATCS. :)

Mary Wadsworth said...

Very pretty Alisa!

Allie said...

Alisa, you outdid yourself! Your ATCs with the garden gates are just BEAUTIFUL!! Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day with your family today.

Anonymous said...

Oh-my-gosh! What pretties!

Anonymous said... again! do you go about doing and sharing these ATCs with each other? Do you each create them, then photograph them and then send pics for each to upload to your blogs?
This looks like SO MUCH fun!
How does one join in or begin something like this?

Sandy Michelle said...

As always, each ATC is just over the top amazing :)

the wild raspberry said...

neat neat stuff...i can't even mention all the things I liked -there were so many!
have a great night.

natalea said...

these are seriously some of the most gorgeous ATCs I've EVER seen! wow! xo natalea

The Pink Birdhouse said...

uhhh Alisa, what pretties! My favorite is the Fuchia Fairy and her song!! I love that one!! I hope that your Mother's Day was just wonderful, filled with lovely moments from start to finish. Thanks so much for all your great comments on my posts. It makes my day when i see that you have dropped by for a visit! take care, ciao, Debby

Caleen said...

Just love all the ATC'S.. So creative and love everything you used to make those lovelies.. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING, everything is so beautiful and I loved every second of your post.

Andrea Villarreal said...

I love these displayed in the little gardens. I just found a lady who sells these little gardens near where I live. She puts little fairies and mushrooms in them. Soo cute. Your garden gate theme is perfect:)

Beth Quinn said...

wow those are all so wonderful !!
thanks for the mothers day wishes ! hope yours was great too !!

Elly said...

OMG....!!! What a beautiful ATC's!!!! I love them all!