Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Here is a quick recap of ours.

Dutch Babies. This was brunch. This was also my first time making them. Normally my mom would be the one to make Dutch Babies, or we would just go to The Original Pancake House. But when my parents left for their paradise island, mom gave me all her iron skillets.... so of course, that means I now make the Dutch Babies. And good news, they turned out delicious! This photo is pre- powdered sugar and lemons.

And this is what you get when you have two older boys who are past egg decorating (purchase confetti filled eggs) and it's raining outside (go ahead and let them have their fun inside). This is what the whole house looked liked by the time they finished finding all the eggs and then having a war with them. The good thing about them being older, is that they can clean their mess up all by themselves when they are done.

And late last night I found out that the girlfriend, E's, hasn't received an Easter basket since she was a little kid. Well, that won't fly around here! So I whipped a little one up for her today.

Now we are off to the BIL and SIL's house for Easter dinner.

Hope your day has been as wonderful as ours!


tina said...

Aw, your such a sweet boyfriend's mama!!! Those Dutch Babies look so yummy! Happy Easter, Alisa!

Tiedupmemories said...

Yum! What exactly is that Dutch Baby recipe? What a sweet little basket for your friend! Enjoy your Easter dinner!

Jenny Fowler said...

SOunds like you guys had a blast! I like the backet you "whipped up". Happy Easter Alisa!

the wild raspberry said...

what an adorable easter basket you whipped up!
and what about those dutch babies you also whipped up? i've never heard of them? are they sweet like a pancake? you may need to share this recipe!
have a great day.

cindy said...

I love confetti eggs. You are very brave to have them in the house! :D
I once had a pocketful and hubby saw that I had stashed em there and ran over and gave me a huge hug...squishing them all. I was picking confetti out of those shorts for weeks. LOL.


Sandy Michelle said...

Hope you had a great Easter Alisa! I can't wait til my kids are old enough to clean their mess..LOL! What are the dutch babies made of?

Sandy xox

Diane said...

Good, clean fun that can be eradicated with a vacuum cleaner! ;-)

Brandy Faulkner said...

Yumm!! Glad you had a great Easter!


Charlene said...

Yumm! Looks good. Some how it tastes better when someone else fixs it though doesn't it. :)

Jenn said...

Hope you and your family enjoyed a lovely Easter together!

starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Alisa,
Found your blog from the lollishop merchant thread. I am loving all these new blogs to read.
What a wonderful gift you gave your friend, not only the actual basket but also that you thought about her and your friendship together!
starrydeborah (thefrenchteacup)