Monday, March 30, 2009

March ATCs

Some friends and I decided, last month after doing our first ATC swap together, that we would make it a monthly thing. So Saturday, we met up for lunch at a local tea room and swapped ATCs for the month of March. The theme for the month was March/the written word.


I just love the image Cheryl chose for her ATC. I can seriously see my friends and I sitting in a garden, spending our time just as these ladies are.

Here is the back of Cherly's. She even included her own "written word" in the form of a teeny tiny letter to me, tucked into that little envelope. It's so sweet... made me tear up!

And the little bird's nest, she made also. Very clever, our Cheryl is.


I love the embossing and aging that Nina did with the paint here.

And I thought it was brilliant the way she literally tied the ATC into her packaging card.

I think the entire concept of Nina's card is fantastic and I just adore her style!


Donna has just amazed me this month. You see, since the beginning of the year, she's been having to work non-stop. And this month has been the worst. She has been working like a mad woman... getting up at the crack of dawn to go into the office and then staying until sometimes after 11PM. She's even been working on weekends. So how in the world she ever managed to do her ATCs without dropping into an exhausted heap, I'll never be able to figure out.
Donna went with a March theme... Mardi Gras/Lent. This never would have occured to me, but then I'm not a Louisiana girl, like she is. Along with her beautiful, jewel toned ATC, she gave us each a King Cake (in the form of a cupcake) and hid a little baby Jesus in one of the boxes. This was a fun little surprise. Nina was the one to find it, by the way.

I would have shown you the cupcake, however, some Farmboy got to it before I did with my camera.


I created little mini books. And as you can probably tell from the "Read Me", there is a specific "written word" here.

I took an image from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, from "A Mad Tea-Party" chapter, where they are sitting around the tea table on the March Hare's front lawn. I added a little color to it and made it into a pop-up.

I chose a different nonsensical quote from the chapter for each little book.

I have to admit, that I'm quite tickled with myself at how I tied everything together... the written word and the book of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, March and the March Hare, the tea party and us three actually meeting at a tea room to do the swap. And to top it all off, I had a tart for dessert! But quite honestly, I had that simply because I LOVE lemon tarts.

After our several-hours long lunch, we walked over to my absolute favorite shop in our area... Smitten (it doesn't have a blog, but here is the blog of two of the ladies involved with Smitten.) And whom should we run into there, but Ann-Denise Anderson of Whim and Fancy Designs. It's funny, because all four of us are taking her crepe class at Paper Cowgirl this summer. So it was really nice to meet and chat with her a bit before hand.

Alright, I'm off to hopefully get something done. My "to do" list is a mile and a half long! Have a beautiful Monday!


boylerpf said...

These are beautiful!

Becky said...

So lovely.I really adore the second picture.Very sweet!

the wild raspberry said...

how you little books. that paper retreat will be a blast. say hi to jan at the polka dot barn for me.

Tiedupmemories said...

What a wonderful swap!All of them are really creative.I just love them they are so much fun!

Lori said...

those are all so cute...i really love your alice in wonderland of my favorite reads as a girl was that delightful story!!!

Julie said...

These are so beautiful Alisa! Makes me wish I had more crafty friends close to me.

TinyBear said...

Beautiful ATCs Alisa.
Love your books. They are all so lovely.

The Pink Bird House said...

How beautiful, each and every one of them. My favorite is the pink one with "written word" on it, and the 3 large pink buttons sewn to the top. That is great!! What a lovely post to share with us.

cindy said...

Everyone's is just beautiful! But I have a soft spot for AIW, so I especially love that one.


natalea said...

LOVE all the atcs!! I just mentioned atcs on my blog today- how weird!
love that nest too!
thanks for showing all these beautiful things!! xo

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

oh, how jealous are thee! Why am I the last to know everything. LOL You gotta start sharing your swap info with me BEFORE it happens. :)

I can't wait to meet your friends at PC. They seem like they are coming along well with the mixed media stuff. xoxo, Joanna

Polka Dot Moon said...

OH MY!!! What a creative group of friends you have! Every one of the ATC's is unique and beautiful. How fun :)

commercial real estate said...

those creation are really great...they're very lovely..

- ledz -

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

OHHHH what FANTASTIC FUN, Alisa!!! Those ATC's are to just die for! All of them! But I do loooove your little booklets! VERY CREATIVE indeed! Fabulous! And I can't believe you ran into Denise! WooHoo!

Viv (VivLyn) said...

Everyone did a beautiful job and I love your little books! Wonderful!!

Sarah said...

Love your Alice ATC cards!
Vintage Lily

Sandy Michelle said...

What fun! I love all of those fabulous ATCs!

Sandy xox